Sunday, October 25, 2015

In the Quiet!

I listen within to share loving reminders.
I trust the Goodness and Love I hear.
I enjoy the quiet of my inner mind.
I find peace within me and all I hear in the sweet silence.

In the Quiet…

Do you know the sound of quiet?
Do you stop and listen to silence?
Are you aware of how noise fills up your life?
Do you really like listening to noise?

“Listen to the Silence.
Peace in every way.
Listen to the Silence.
Peace through your Day.”

When you hear the inner chatter, you will not like the sound.
When you are tuned into what does not matter, you can change the tune.
When you know what disturbs your mood, you can play something else.
When you understand you can change the channel, you will change your mind.

Whether TV, movie or video game, you are being programmed to live this way.
Whether music, yelling, disturbing sounds, this will fill what you do and say.
It is our choice what we hear and play.
It is ours to decide how we live each day.

In the quiet, you can hear silence and inner peace.
In the quiet, you will know how to love and whom to teach.
In the quiet, you can ask and find the inner answers.
In the quiet, you will know you are never alone.

Perhaps it is time to turn off the outer noise.
Perhaps you can take some time each day to hear.
Filling yourself with distractions will never get you clear.
You can make a difference in your life, your Self and at home.

Turn off the ads that program you.
Step away from disturbing news.
Change the music to what soothes you.
Step away from gossip and mindless talk.

You can become a master of your inner world.
You can forgive and choose again.
You can find the love inside.
You can seek your inner guide.

It takes nothing away and you only gain.
You only lose what was never really valuable.
You gain the guidance and support you can trust.
You learn to love the One You Are and live life your own way.

“Listen to the Silence.
Sweet Peace is what you find.
Listen to the Silence.
Be kind to your Mind.”

Loving you from deep within me.
Betty Lue