Monday, October 26, 2015

Goodness Within

When I listen within, Life is fun, safe and easy.
I teach only Love and remember I AM Love.
I let go and learn to laugh, as I return to Love again.
Life works for me as I remember to give only Good.

Love the Good in You!

There is Good deep within you.
There is Love waiting inside.
There is Peace in your heart.
Choose this place to abide.

Life gives us choices.
Love shows us how to live.
Our mind listens to many voices.
We have free will to choose what is ours.

When we remember we have free will, we take responsibility.
When we realize we are the channel changer, we master our destiny.
Only we can choose what is right for us.
Only we can open the door to Love and Peace.

No matter what the programming,
No matter who has given us our script,
No matter what path we have followed,
We have the power to choose again.

Living our way requires we know our options.
Living with integrity requires we take responsibility.
Living with honesty in mind, we can opt for what is true.
Live the life you truly want by listening to yourself.

You are born Good.
You are here to Love.
You are a teacher by how you live.
You are a gift here to save the world.

This does not mean being righteous or mean.
This means you show the love and good within.
This means you listen and behave as a friend.
For what you teach is how you live and give.

When you return to the Love in you, you will be at Peace.
When you remember the Good in you, you will give all you have.
When you realign with what you know, you will have courage to do what is right.
When you reunite with what is true in you, you will love with all your heart.

With so many ways, we are here to each find our own path.
With possibilities galore, we may get confused until we listen within.
With inner quiet and peace of mind, we hear our inner guide.
With respect for the love and goodness in us, we confidently abide.

Take time today to be in touch with the Real You.
In the sweet stillness, surrender to the Truth you know.
Share the Good within yourself.
Give the Love you are.

I Am, 
Betty Lue