Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Be Still and Listen!

I love myself just as I am and all I choose to be.
I listen within to seek and find direction and inner guidance.
I trust myself to create goodness, beauty and wholeness wherever I am.
I seek inner and outer quiet and meditate on what is calling me in life.

On Sabbatical in Keauhou Bay, Hawaii

Yesterday was a travel day, allowing everything to unfold in fun, safe and easy flow.
Today is a grounding day, feeling the beauty of the earth and sky and sea.
Tomorrow is an opening day, letting in the adventure of being present and ever new with wonder.
Everyday is a blessed day, trusting in the power and presence of Now, the renewing spirit within.

How are you spending your days and nights and every precious moment?
Are you seeing allowing everything to unfold with fun, safe and easy flow?
Will you open to the adventure of being fully present with the wonder of Now?
Are you blessing and trusting in the ever renewing Spirit within?

Yes, it is easier without the tug of everyday voices and choices demanding your attention.
Yes, it feels safer to have the quiet in your space to grace your intention for inner peace.
Yes, it seems more fun and brings happiness to see the goodness and beauty all around you.
And still wherever we are, we have the ability to believe and create and see what already is.

I recommend time to meditate, sitting, walking, writing, creating, however you are inspired to be.
When my household was filled with children and early morning events, I was awakened at 3 AM.
I would spend an hour, sitting in a blanket listening in the dark and writing the guidance I received.
I know how busy everyone seems to be and yet it take little time for your own sanity…meditate.

So what else will there be here on sabbatical?
When we first come, we unpack, buy groceries for simple needs, watch the kiki hula show and take a swim.
This our home away from home, bringing our inner “home” with us to be grounded, centered and balanced.
We create a sanctuary of love and gratitude and open to Divine grace and guidance.

Taking a vacation for everyday life gives us new perspective.
This can be done with even a day in the woods hiking or at the beach listening.
This can be done each day in the shower, clearing away the errant thoughts and listening for sweet peace.
This can be done as you lie down each night and give your life to Goodness and Gratitude ..

Each day and every day, we can leave our cares and worries, pain and sorrow behind, to seek solace.
It takes so little to undo what will not serve you or me in eternity.
We all can be what we seek to be by changing our thoughts today.
Our allegiance to peace and love and happiness takes precedence over all our worldly stuff.

Be willing to take a vacation from whatever confuses or concerns you.
Be willing to take time to meditate and seek for inner silence and peace.
Be willing to open your eyes to see the beauty and goodness around you.
Be willing to know you are love itself and all you give is with loving intention.

This is Good and so are YOU!
Loving you, 
Betty Lue