Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Forgiveness and Love

News Update: Lake County, very near us, has been experiencing wildfires since last Wednesday, 7/29.
50, 000 acres minimally contained, heading northeast the last I heard.  Some have expressed concern.
We are fine and all is well. Firestorm passed us by and headed north eats with the winds.
We are in prayer for the safety of all concerned..
We give thanks for the well-being of animals and humans, firefighters and evacuees.
We are helping one another in everyway we are able.
It is beautiful this morning as I look out on the lake!
Loving you, Betty Lue
I stay in love and gratitude to experience peace and happiness.
I choose to give my best and forgive the rest to be helpful.
I love myself for remembering what really matters.
I Love unconditionally, serve from my heart and remember God.

Reader’s questions:
How do you give love or forgiveness to someone who does not care to receive it?
Or who does not recognize your authenticity or treats you with lack of respect?
How do you even motivate yourself to love in those circumstances?

My Response:
I love for the sake of loving.  
I give for the sake of giving.
I live for the sake of living.
Whether anyone appreciates or values what I give, makes no difference.

Often the most powerful gifts are anonymous and silent.
Often the most transformative love is without anyone knowing.
It is when we give what seems is missing that the vacuum is filled.
Like priming a pump, filling up empty space creates a vacuum and flow.

With love given to lack of love, we create the opportunity for love to flow.
I know my love is creating a better world in which I live.
I see my love generates goodness where I thought there could be none.
Love often seems mysterious and miraculous....
And so I love!

Thank you for caring enough to ask.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue
 From Reader:
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
I understand, but at the same time in situations of painful conflict, I do not know what is the way to do it meaningfully.
How do you actually give love, when you don’t feel it?
And how do you know what type of love to give that would actually reach someone?
How do you transform a sense of affront, frustration or harm into love e.g.?
“How" is the secret that often escapes me. How do I sustain the positive approach to everything?
Never ending quest…

My Response:
Simply listen, trust and respect they are doing what they know and believe.
No need to change their mind or heart.
Let go and let them perceive and believe what is theirs.
The Love you extend is for your benefit.
Your Love sets you free to be.
Your forgiveness is always forgiving yourself for withholding your Love.
Loving is your natural state.
When you are not Loving, you are not wholly happy and at peace.
PS Love is not an emotion. Love is a choice.
We can love them anyway.

Loving us all as we learn to let go and trust in Love.
Betty Lue

May we all remember to love well.
Love ourselves.
Love others.
Love God. (or Goodness)
Betty Lue