Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Forever Learning!

I am open and willing to learn from everything and everyone.
I seek only to see the blessings of love in my life.
I affirm with my attention all that I seek to be.
I delight in the diversity and wonderful opportunities in my life.

Forever Learning!

Three Seventeen year olds came to visit for an overnight adventure last Friday!
(Our almost 17 yr old first born granddaughter and two friends who we knew when there were in preschool and early elementary school!) 
They have asked to come to our Lake home right before school starts next week for two days.

What a privilege and gift for us!
What an amazing delight to have them want to be with us.
What a joy to create a safe haven for all to be.
How wonderful to know our space of unconditional love is their choice.

I opened free discussion and dialogue to find out what is really happening inside and in their lives.
I found with college bound gifted adolescents, there is little education about politics, history or future.
Most relevant information is found on internet with little guidance within the classroom.
They clearly had strong opinions about what is happening to the younger generation.
They had some very good ideas about how to manage technology and family relationships.

All of this has caused me to wonder!

Why are we not listening to and talking with our children?
Why have we decided to do what we do with our time and money?
What do our children really care about?
Is it possible we have never really asked ourselves?

What really matters?
What matters to us?
What matters to our partners, our children and others?
Perhaps no one is asking, so we have never heard the answers?

If we are all busy fixing and deciding and “making up” what we think is “right”, maybe we are “wrong”.
If there is no dialogue, how can anyone know?
If we have not asked, how can we decide?
If no one is informed, perhaps there is inadequate communication.

Now is the time to ask what we ourselves think, feel and believe.
Now is the time to ask those around us what they think, feel and believe.
Now is the time to communicate, listen, accept and harmonize where we agree.
Now is the time to forgive our judgments, listen and accept our differences.

Let us listen and learn from  one another.
Betty Lue