Friday, July 10, 2015

Moving Today!

Every step I take is holy healing ground.
Every change I made is dedicated to remember Love.
All of life’s changes set me free to be even more of me.
If feels so good to be letting go!

Life Is Moving Us Today

Today we are moving into our new suburban home in Brentwood, CA.
We have two homes, one in Lake County and one in Contra Costa County.
(Rather than continue to rent, we are buying the second home.)
Reunion Lake House is near the Reunion Resource Center and Community Room in Middletown.
This is where our grandchildren come for Grandparents Camp and where we live 2/3 time.

Love is a moving experience.
When you intend to be Happy, you may be called to move your location.
When you commit to be Loving, you may be called to change your mind.
When you are dedicated to Peace, you may be called to redo your lifestyle.

When we change, many things may be rearranged, undone, cleared and renewed.
I often use moving as a time of purging and purification, reviewing and rededication.
I undo, delete and let go of everything that does not support my love, peace and happiness.
I release with forgiveness and blessing all that does not serve the Highest Good.

“Letting go is fun, safe and easy.” is true for me with years of practice.
Being willing to “repurpose all is have been given provides a sense of satisfaction.
Everything has had value as it is received and shared with those who are open.
When you make room and space for new energy and purpose, there is always renewal.

“Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”
When truly open to live in alignment with Higher Purpose, everything words together for Good.
When allowing the changes to take place, there is readjustment and realignment with purpose.
When trusting that only and always Good comes from change, there are miracles to show up.

As we make room in our lives for the new, we are renewed in purpose.
As we make space in our minds for guidance, we are make new in Spirit.
As we make openness in our space, we are shown how to use what is given.
As we release all attachment to what has been, we are give a new vision for what will be.

Moving is a way of transforming energy and space and time.
Changing creates flexibility, resilience and freedom.
Moving and changing opens the way to trust in the unknown.
Releasing attachment to the past and relinquishing control over the future allows Transformation.

We all evolve as we move through life.
We all grow from our various experiences.
We all heal our hurts with constant forgiveness.
We all clear our fear with trust in all that is.

Life is a mystery designed for never ending enlightenment.
Let us begin with every breath today.
Loving the movement in change,
Betty Lue