Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is it Love?

I Love without condition or limit.
Love fills me and sets me free.
When all is forgiven, there is only Love.
I welcome Love, trust and freedom into my life.

(Written in response to someone suffering in the pain of special Love.)

What Is Love?

Does Love worry?
Is Love afraid?
Does Love limit?
Is Love jealous?

Seems to me that FEAR worries and distrusts.
It seems contradictory that love would restrict or be jealous.
Love is trust and freedom.
Love is safe and happy and free.

Love may feel like a dream, an illusion.
When we fully love, it feels so good and just right.
Love is our natural state.
Innocent love is fun, safe and easy.

However, most people are in fear.
In fear, there is no room for love.
In fear, there is often a fear of drowning or disappearing in love.
In fear, there is a pervasive fear of becoming weak and vulnerable in love.

We all desire (under the fear) the place of joy and peace to rest in endless love.
Yet fear can hold its grip on us, while we are in the world of temporary relationships.
With intermittent love from others, we develop a fear of what is not lasting.
We yearn for something real and eternal, a safe place to trust and be free.

When we seek Love from personalities, we may be disappointed.
When we look for Love from those who are in fear, we will receive their fear.
When we find others lacking in Love, we will come to realize our own conditional love.
Just know when there is fear or lack in another, it is always a call for love.

Everything in this world changes over time……even human Love.
Relationships, commitments, feelings, personalities, bodies…..everything changes.
When we demand that human Love stays the same, we are setting up for disappointment.
To Love another is to give Love, respect, patience, forgivness to another.

I choose to stay in Love.
I forgive myself for being hurt by another’s lack of Love.
I trust that Love is always enough.
I choose to never quit on Love.
I choose to Love, no matter what!

Love is our natural state.
We were created in Love, by Love, as Love, for the purpose of Loving.
When not in Love, something is mistaken.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue

Coming to Know

To “know” is to “love”.
For when we fully know, we have an experience of acceptance, understanding, trust and love.  
In working with this list of levels of consciousness, we can easily substitute “love” for “know”.
Perhaps, for some, this will simplify and clarify where you are in your own unfoldment process.
These are stages of spiritual development and understanding.  (Where are you?)

·  I don’t know and don’t know I don’t know.
·  I don’t know and don’t care.
·  I don’t know and don’t want to know.
·  I don’t know and wish I did.
·  I don’t know and seek to know.
·  I am coming to know.
·  I know and am afraid of what I know.
·  I know and am afraid I don’t.
·  I know and hold back what I know.
·  I know and share what I know in order to know.
·  I know and know I know quietly.
·  I am what I know.

With a little substitution of “Love” for “Know”:
·  I don’t love and don’t know I don’t love.
·  I don’t love and don’t care.
·  I don’t love and don’t want to love.
·  I don’t love and wish I did.
·  I don’t love and seek to love.
·  I am coming to Love.
·  I Love and am afraid of Love.
·  I Love and am afraid I don’t.
·  I Love and hold back my Love.
·  I Love and share Love to realize my Love.
·  I Love and share Love quietly.
·  I am Love.