Sunday, July 05, 2015

Easy to Love Kids!

I show children what I want by how I treat everyone.
I tell children what I value by how I live my life.
I respect children thoughtfully by how I speak to them.
I value what children teach me because they are so obvious about what works.

So Easy To Love!

Kids Are So Easy ……
When they are listened to.
When they are respected.
When they are given choices.
When they are busy.

Kids are helpful….
When they feel safe.
When they are not pushed.
When they get enough sleep.
When they have fun.

Kids are happy….
When they are appreciated.
When they know the rules.
When they have dreams and goals.
When they know the plans and schedules.

Kids are satisfied….
When they are independent.
When life is consistent.
When there is peace.
When they experience no anger.

Kids are respectful…
When they have no fear.
When they feel loved.
When they feel respected.
When they know their parents and teachers are content.

Kids are responsible……
When adults teach them by example.
When they know what they can count on.
When they are healthy.
When focused and undistracted.

Kids are successful…….
When they are inspired.
When appreciated.
When people care.
When they like what they are doing.

Listen carefully to children.
They will teach us what works.
Watch children attentively.
They will show us what create happiness.

It is so easy to love and learn with the innocence and natural wisdom from children.
Loving the child in us all,
Betty Lue