Sunday, July 26, 2015

Conscious Relationships

I give what I want to have.
I share the best I know.
I choose to love myself and others.
I contribute to all with respect and responsibility, honest communication and commitment.

What Do You Really Want in Your Ideal Relationships?

Relationships include partnerships, friendships, roommates and family.
Relationships include marriage and romance, employers and co-workers.
When we learn to relate by giving what we ideally want, we experience it more consistently.
When we learn to relate to everyone consciously and consistently, we have what we want.

Giving is receiving.
As we give the best, we feel our best.
As we feel our best, we give our best.
And so it is, we receive what we give.

Respect for all relationships is being open and willing to see everything as healing.
Respect means to look again, to see things differently, to perceive with new eyes.
We see through the filters of past history and experiences and project it onto present relationships.
We can only respect another as much as we know how to respect ourselves.

Be honest and open to create safety within the relationship.
When we fear we will be judged, rejected or punished, we withhold.
When we become a safe place for everything to be shared, we receive others honesty easily.
When we are open and honest ourselves, we create more openness and honesty from others.

Share ideals, values, and principles to live by, making all relationships more accepting.
Learning what we want and how we prefer to communicate is key to connecting with others.
Being willing to share with others what we believe and truly desire allows others to do the same.
When there is joining with common goals, all relationships function more effectively.

Contribute fully and freely your best to all relationships, giving a feeling of equanimity.
Understand that everyone is doing their best and appreciate the good you receive and give.
Relinquish demanding more and better to allow others to feel capable and valuable.
When there is no comparison or evaluation of others giving, everyone feels free to be their best.

Commit to be responsible for the quality in all relationships.
This requires us to be awake and aware, truly conscious.
Be willing to communicate feelings, wants and willingness without demanding of others.
Commit to take care of our selves first without depending on others egos to take care of us.

Be responsible for the quality of our relationships without guilt or blame.
Attend to the ways in which people need to be valued and appreciated.
Honor our own needs first so we can be available to others.
Be open and willing to make amends for mistakes, conscious and unconscious.

Appreciate all relationships as the gifts of learning and healing they are.
Love everyone exactly as they are, including ourselves.
Honor the examples of kindness and love in our lives.
Be present to see and be conscious, open and willing.

Enjoy life as opportunities for wisdom, gratitude and true prosperity.
Loving is the only way to live happy and free!
Betty Lue

Keys to Unconditional Love

Always give your best.
Demonstrate your love (with positive words, affection, undivided time, gifts, service)
Listen and learn what is most respected and helpful.
Observe what is received with gratitude.
Step away when you are not your best and renew yourself.
Give only with gratitude and joy (no sacrifice or self denial)
Trust others are giving their best.
Always inspired the best in others.
Believe and see the Love within.
Trust each one is learning how best to love.
Free yourself and others to love unconditionally.
Forgive all mistakes or withholds.
Learn to love them anyway.