Friday, June 12, 2015


I listen to what I say and I read what I write.
My intention is always to inspire and educate.
My words are loving reminders for me and you.
I intend to create more opportunities for freedom and trust.

What Do Your Words Mean?

Do your words express how you feel?
Do your words translate into what you want to be received?
Do you understand the meaning of the words you use?
What is your intention with what you say?

Often we are misunderstood.
Often people perceive something different than what we mean.
Often words are translated incorrectly and need to be explained.
Often we neglect to be precise with our words.

Most words have multiple meanings.
People may not even hear the words being said.
Many people do not read words.
Many people do not listen.

What others hear first is the tone of voice.
They listen to the underlying energy from the sounds.
What they perceive is based on early recollections of those tones.
They interpret what they heard as being similar to their past.

People watch the body posture of the person speaking.
They look for what is familiar or similar as a reference.
They note facial expression and position of the arms.
They relate to times of peace or power or possibility.

Interpretation or perception happens often without thought.
Recognition of what is meant can be based on multiple unknown factors.
Those listening may not even be listening to more than their own inner dialogue.
Words being expressed may not be received or perceived at all.

When you want to be heard, choose the optimum time.
Select a place that is quiet and confidential.
BE willing to ask for what amount of time you wish.
Make an appointment and honor your own request.

When you want to be understood, be respectful of the receiver’s availability.
Are they prepared to be receptive and open-minded to your words?
Are you ready to be clear, concise and respectful of their timing and attention.?
Are your words meaningful and of value to be shared and received?

Much language and conversation is simply a vehicle for connection.
Some words are simply to fill space and time and to try to get attention.
Some words are to clarity, explain, justify and review what has already been said.
Many words confuse, interfere, distract, detour and delay.

Be willing to listen to what your words mean for you.
Listen to what you say.
Notice what you mean.
Clarify to whom you really speak.

Words matter.
Betty Lue