Sunday, June 07, 2015

Communication Glitches?

I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reason.
Life works when I forgive all judgments and trust in the Highest Outcome.
Everything works together for Good.
What I conceive and believe, I achieve!  (when I persist and do not quit!)

Communication Glitches?

Mercury is in retrograde May 18-June11.
So what?
Communication misunderstanding, scheduling mix-ups, travel delays, technology problems.
Interruptions in what flows and works, often without rhyme or reason, this is mercury in retrograde.
Look it up on line and see what others believe and see.

I only know that three times each year for 3 weeks or so I learn to be patient, to laugh and let go.
I only see that everything doesn’t always work easily and naturally.
I only trust that things will return to their “right” way to be.
I always trust that love prevails.

No matter what appears to be, trust in Love.
No matter what the obstacles, keep flowing Good.
No matter how frustrated you feel, trust in Love.
No matter how long it takes, trust in Divine Outcome.

When life gives lemons, make lemonade.
When life seems to be interfering with your plans, laugh and enjoy the moment.
When life is not what you thought it would be, enjoy the blessings life has in store.
When life is cloudy and dark, look for the silver lining and let the sun shine in.

All is well with me and you when we do not let fear overtake us.
All is good within when we are forgiving and loving.
All is on purpose when we allow ourselves to live with purpose.
All is empowering when we stop blaming and judging others.

We can have the experiences we want when we are patient with delays.
We can move around the obstacles when we stay calm and peaceful.
We can enjoy this moment now when we are not judging what was or will be.
We can embrace life as it appears to be when we live with grace and gratitude.

Consider how blessed you are.
Recognize all the Good you have.
Realize how free you can be.
Remember to appreciate your whole life.

Be patient with what is.
Appreciate the goodness in you.
Forgive your judgments.
Believe only Love prevails.

We are here to learn to create, delete and create anew.
We are here to choose what we truly want.
We are here to master what we think and say and do.
We are here to remember everything works with love.

Loving you as we travel through this life together.
Betty Lue