Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to be the Love I AM.
I am here to heal and be healed.
I am here to awaken to the Blessings of Good that already are.

Here To Bless

We are each here for our own unique learning.
We are called to this life to awaken to our purpose.
We are on this earth to find and follow our calling.
We volunteered to offer a unique blessing for our own situation.

We are here to care, not condemn.
We are here to create, not destroy.
We are here to heal, not hurt.
We are here to love, not be afraid.
We are here to learn and to teach.
We are here to help, not deny.
We are here to give, not withhold.
We are here to comfort, not upset.
We are here to listen, not threaten.
We are here to be free with no limitation.

Each one of has a healing and healthy purpose.
When we seek to find our purpose, we must first forgive our judgments.
We are called to relinquish all attack.
We are invited to stop the pain of punishment.’

Everyone awakens in their own timing.
By design we often choose a path which is unique.
Through compassion for others, we may find our way to health and healing.
With difficulties and challenges , we may come to know what we came to do and be.

Life shows us what we have chosen through our own unique experiences.
Everything can be used and understood for its loving and healing purposes.
Through our inner listening and attention to  truly understand, we find our way.
Some know and do.  Some do and know.

When we mind our own awakening with loving care, we see no one else may understand.
When we treasure our inner understanding, we find that others must find their own.
When we see that the climb may be from totally different perspectives, we do not inter-fear.
When we give praise and validate all of us for volunteering in this life, we are filled with Love.

This is a time in our evolution for looking and listening within for a deeper meaning.
We must take some quiet time on a daily basis to inquire and seek our own guidance.
We can find the answers which lead us to do the real work we are here for.
We will understand and give thanks that we are never alone.

All Good is always known in recognizing the Blessings Already Are.
I give thanks and praise the Goodness that is always present.
Betty Lue