Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Violence and Accidents

I share my Love with all who are calling for Love.
I forgive myself for withholding Love from anyone.
I trust the Good that comes with forgiveness and love.
I seek blessings in everything that comes my way.

“What can we do with all the random acts of violence and bizarre accidents?”

When we cannot understand, we must seek peace.
When we cannot find peace, we must forgive.
When we cannot forgive, we must be kind to our mind.
When we cannot be comforted, we must offer help.

When in doubt, do something helpful.
When haunted by the past, seek to bring peace.
When seeking peace, stop trying to understand.
Don’ make up meaning for meaningless acts of ignorance, unkindness and unconscious behavior.

Find inner peace and allowance,
Then greater understanding comes.

How do we forgive what is unforgiveable?
We forgive the ignorance of humanity.
We forgive addictions and the disease.
We forgive our fears and hatred, our judgments and worries.
We forgive what makes us angry and hurt.
We forgive all that people do which is hurtful.
We forgive ourselves for not forgiving.
We forgive holding the hurt in our hearts.
We forgive making others wrong.
We forgive our own mistakes, all of them.

Every upset is a wakeup call.
Every accident is an invitation to pay greater attention.
Every problem begs for trust in the solution.
Every criticism is the inner truth about the critic.

When we see what is “wrong”, we are called to do what is “right”
When we want to find meaningful answers, we must ask meaningful questions.
When we feel sorry for the pain and sorry, we must do something to alleviate our own.
When we see ourselves as separate, we must connect with the safety, healing and solution.

When we see something that is calling for help or needs to be done, it is ours to do.
Just watching accidents and suffering is calling us to respond with Love.
Our ability to respond comes from an open mind and willing heart.
We are here to give our very best to everyone even in our mind and from our heart.

1.     Send prayer and healing energy.
2.     Give our best with kind words and hopeful ideas.
3.     Share what we have with time, money and energy.
4.     Always love everyone involved  to open the way to more Love.

We each have ways of healing our perceptions.

Let us seek to reach out with Love to everyone all the time.
Betty Lue