Thursday, May 07, 2015

All Is One

I choose to respond with forgiveness and Love.
I choose to be present to serve from my heart.
I choose to listen and learn, give and receive the best I know.
I choose to align with the Highest Truth and Highest Good for All.

Everything Is Connected

Everything I see is a part of Me.
Fear can only bind me.
Love will set me free.

Everything is in me  (not personally), but because I am connected with the world I see.
I am one with you and you are one with me.
We all respond and react differently.
We each feel what is real for us to deal with.

Some respond with Love.
Some react with fear.
Some see the body as merely clothing.
Some just don’t care.
Some seek to help.
Some hold everything separate.
Some simply go crazy trying to understand.
Some want to blow it all up and die.
Everyone seems to respond their own unique way.
I simply try to serve by loving and caring and helping and teaching and being there.
There is Lots of work, inner and outer.

How do you feel about what is here to see?
How do you deal with what you feel here?
How will you respond or react to what seems to be?
Do you choose to take it on and in personally?

Heal what is real for you.
Each of us has a part to play.
Some need to find peace within.
Some need to extend peace to others.
Some need to investigate and search for answers.
Some need to pray and affirm.
Some may need to go there, be with and help.
Some need to fight for what is right.
Some need to blame and punish, exile and eliminate.
Some need to vision and create a better way.
Some need to take on the suffering and feel it all.
Some need to get to work and do what is needed.
Some just walk away, go unconscious and stop caring.

I am connected with everyone.
I choose to give what I would want.
I choose to do what I can do.
I choose to teach, model and inspire always Loving, serving and remembering Goodness in All.

Always loving all,
Betty Lue