Monday, May 11, 2015

Mine To Do?

I do what is mine to do.
Whatever I see needs to be done, I do. (or ask the  one responsible!)
I clean up my space, my relationships, my words and work.
I forgive, delete and erase any mistake or mess I see.

What Is Mine To Do?

This is my world and my life.
This is my home and my family.
These are my friends and my community.
Is this not mine to love and give?

Wherever we are, it is ours to bless.
Whatever we do, it is ours to do well.
However we seem to be, it is our to be good with ourselves.
All of life is ours to be responsible and appreciate.

When we realize this is ours, we can choose to learn and enjoy.
When we recognize we are responsible, we will respond with love.
When we understand that we are here to give our best, we do what we can.
When we know our life is a gift to be valued and cherished, we will appreciate all we have.

When I see anyone hurting, I send love.
When I remember someone I admire, I send my appreciation.
When I know of someone in need, I respond with generosity.
When I experience a world of ignorance, I educate myself and others.

There is always an affirming response to all I see and know to be.
There is forever extending peace and joy.
There is work to be done when work is needed.
There is good to be shared when we realize the Good in us.

Life fulfills us, when we know we are in our right place.
Life is blessed, when we understand, we are a blessing.
Life receives our goods, when we allow ourselves to be generous.
Life shows us our gifts, when we give freely with joy.

Imagine our world, when we all do what is ours to do.
Imagine our homes, when we all give what is ours to give.
Imagine our relationships, when we all share with clarity, confidence and consistency..
Imagine our lives, when we take responsibility for all we have and do and be.

Let us take full responsibility for what is ours.
Loving you, 
Betty Lue