Saturday, May 09, 2015

Learning and Teaching

I learn from everything and everyone what I value and do not value.
I teach what I want to remember and practice to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.
I learn from conscious creative exploration and experimentation in the life laboratory.
I teach love with wisdom, caring with helpfulness, freedom with responsibility.

Where Did You Learn?

Where did you learn who to trust?
Where did you learn how to love?
Where did you learn what to believe?
Where did you learn how to live well?
Where did you learn to be confident?
Where did you learn to be successful?
Where did you learn how to handle money?
Where did you learn how to teach others?

What we learned and retained is how we live.
When we do not look at the teacher of the teachings, we may learn falsely.
When we do not observe the life of the teacher, we may not understand what is being taught.
Where we take in beliefs, opinions, rules without consideration, we may be misguided.

It is essential to consider the origin of what we learn.
It is important to know anything can be taught.
It is valuable to recognize, there are many diverse teachings, beliefs and opinions.
It is smart to examine the origin of all that we learn.

Our parents and elders teach what they know to benefit the children.
Our teachers and experts teach what they know and believe to be good and true.
When the teachers (myself included) teach, we must demonstrate what we know.
When we teach and share, we must continually examine the quality of our teachings.

Life changes in how it shows up depending on what we believe and experience.
We, both students and teachers, must observe the result of our teaching and learning.
What we teach and learn must yield beneficial and effective results to be valuable.
It is time we ask about the integrity of our teachers, parents, elders and experts.

When we pass on information without experimentation and confirmation, is it valuable?
If we do not verify the underlying motivation of the teacher, can we trust what is taught?
When we do not understand or see the teachings work for the teacher, can we believe it?
If we recognize there is lack of authenticity, integrity and benefit, do we continue?

Consider the Source of your Learning.
Seek to learn from those who live well.
Listen to their ideas, words and how they live.
Be grateful for those who teach you with integrity and sincere intention.

Love to learn and you will learn what is well for you.

Betty Lue