Sunday, April 12, 2015

Positive Communication

I freely share the best of my Love with others.
The more I am positive and kind to myself, the more I am kind and positive with others.
My life is healing, because I am healed and whole.
I share my healing love and positive wisdom freely with others.

Positive Communication

What do we say to ourselves when we feel down and discouraged?
What do we say to others when they feel hurt, sad and scared?
What do we share with children when they feel confused and lost?
What do we say to elders when they feel abandoned, alone and in grief?

What do we say?
What do we share?
What is our intention?
Wherein lies the truth?

First tune in and listen.
Listen to the other.
Observe their energy.
Experience their desire.

Do they want anything from you?
Do they ask for time, attention, help?
Are they wanting to be left alone?
Have they requested time for listening?

Are you in a space to be there without judging?
Are you willing to simply be a reflection of peace?
Are you open to taking time for their confidence?
Are you trusting you can receive and give what is needed?

So much is being called for in this world of fear and drama.
Much is being requested in this time of lack and neediness.
Often people simply want to whine and complain to get sympathy.
Some request agreement about their opinions and righteousness.

What do you have to offer?
Do you know how to listen and take nothing personally?
Do you understand the value of simply being present?
Are you available to offer no opinion, except perhaps some love?

Can you offer soothing calm and peace to those upset?
Will you offer clarity and reassurance to those conflicted and confused?
Can you educate and motivate those lost and afraid?
Will you remember to comfort and love those feeling alone?

We all have something to offer when we remember to Love.
We know how to trust others to express what they think and feel.
We can provide encouragement and kindness when we are not afraid.
We can be loving and positive with those believing all is lost.

Take time to give your best when you feel able and willing.
Listen to your thoughts and words, feelings and sharing.
Receive what you are giving for yourself.
When it makes sense to you and feels right and true, you have healed.
Even when others may resist, what you share if first a gift of loving wisdom for yourself.

Love your brothers and sisters as you would love yourself,
Betty Lue