Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flow Energy!

I let go all blocks to love’s presence.
I allow my energy to flow freely.
I quickly and easily release fear, judgment, negativity and resentment.
I release the past and allow myself to experience present moment joy.

Keep it simple!
For Health, Happiness and Prosperity Flow!

Life is free flowing energy.
Where thought goes, energy flows.
When thoughts words and actions are open, positive and loving, life energy flows freely.
When flow is blocked, life energy is shut down, diminished or diverted.

When we have positive, healthy, happy thoughts, life energy flows freely.
When we have negative, unhealthy, unhappy thoughts, life energy is blocked.
When we forgive, erase, delete and eliminate negative thoughts, life energy opens up again.
We turn off and turn on our flow with our thinking, words and actions.

When we are healthy, happy and prospering, our life energy is flowing fully and freely.
When life energy, movement and communication are blocked, we are not healthy, happy or prosperous.
We can open the flow with our willingness to see and undo the blocks to flow.
Forgiveness, water, breath, movement, gratitude, giving, laughter, all open flow of life energy.

Being fully alive is freely flowing your energy.
Giving is flow.
Appreciating is flow.
Loving is flow.
Creating is flow.

Allow your energy to move and flow.
Allow your thoughts to be positive and kind.
Allow your words to be inspiring and encouraging.
Allow your actions to be helpful and respectful.

Choose to drink water.
Choose to eat enlivening foods.
Choose to relate with positive interaction.
Choose to enjoy your life moment by moment.

Life teaches us we are here to be fully alive.
Life shows us what limiting ourselves does.
Life reminds us that we can change anything.
Life gives us infinite opportunities to choose again.

Where we judge and fear, we block flow.
When we shut down, avoid, resist, we block flow.
When we are negative, angry, resentful, we block flow.
When we are needy, greedy, cautious and negative, we block flow.

Opening the flow of life energy in us is the key to being healthy, happy and prosperous.
To be happy is to open the flow of life energy in our emotions and spirit..
To be healthy, we must open the flow of life energy in our bodies and thoughts.
To be prosperous, we need to open the flow of life energy in our world and relationships.

Letting go and loving the flow of Life,
Betty Lue