Sunday, April 19, 2015

Help Others Help Themselves!

I am happy to be truly helpful.
What is best for me is best for others.
I choose always to share the best I  have in thoughts, words and deeds.
I give and receive all good and only good.

Help Everyone Help Themselves!

When we are healed, we are not healed alone.
When we help another, we are helping ourselves.
What we do for ourselves, we do for others.
What we do for others, we are doing for ourselves.

This universe shows us how to heal.
We are here to heal all of us.
When we live with healing in mind, we experience inner peace.
When we share our peace of mind, we demonstrate healing.

Life experience shows us what is helpful.
We observe the results of the help we offer.
We notice what works and what doesn’t work.
We choose to do what is truly helpful and all benefit.

Help is not helpful if it creates fear or resistance.
Help is not helpful if it disables or weakens the other.
Help is not helpful if we sacrifice and weaken ourselves.
Help is helpful it is empowers and creates no judgmental awareness.

A rule of thumb to use:
1.    Wait until you are asked or invited to help.
2.    Create a confidential and private space or help anonymously.
3.    Be clear about the time involved. (Set limits).
4.    Ask specifically what is needed.
5.    Listen within and listen first to the other to see what is best.
6.    Give only what is asked for and open to be received.
7.    Share what feels positive, encouraging and reassuring.
8.    Ask if there is anything else that is wanted or needed.
9.    Listen to and receive your own counsel and guidance.
10.  Do not share, remind  or ask about what you have given.
11.  Be grateful for the opportunity to be of help.
12.  Do not give if there is no appreciation or it makes things worse.
13.  There must be conscious appreciation to be of value.

Remember what is helpful to you may or may not be helpful to another.
What you give is always a gift to yourself.
To be helpful must demonstrate your faith and confidence and trust in the other.
Treat and talk with  others as you want to be treated and talked with.

True helpfulness is equal, honest and responsible.
True helpfulness is respectful and kind.
True helpfulness is direct, specific and without expectation.
Seek only to be truly helpful for the highest and best outcome.

Be truly helpful by giving what you would want to receive.
Reminding you with Love,
Betty Lue

When I speak of helping as in A Course in Miracles “Healer’s Prayer” I am talking about Serving as in the article below.
This may help to clarify the semantic differences.
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent the Love that sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or do, because the Love that sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever Love wishes, knowing that Love goes with me.
I will be healed, as I let love teach me to heal.
(I will be helped  as I let love teach me to be helpful.)