Saturday, March 07, 2015


I am healed, healthy and whole.
I honor my life by taking impeccable care of me.
I listen and learn from all that is good for me.
I treat my whole life with love, trust, respect and appreciation.

You Are Whole!

What is your intrinsic wholeness?
How do you live in a healthy way?
Do you focus on wellness and being whole?
How do you claim your essential health?

You are born to be whole.
You are created to be healthy.
You are meant to be well.
You are free to maintain your essential well-being.

When we maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy thoughts, words and behavior, we live well.
When we forget to live healthy, thinking, speaking and acting healthy, we live with dis-ease.
We have the choice to be healthy and happy or unhealthy and unhappy.
We can create our own state of wellness or our own state of disease and lack of peace.

Most educated people know what it takes for basic health.
Many people focus on avoiding what is unhealthy and preventing disease.
Do we create an uneasy or unhealthy state with our current fear of disease?
Do we unknowingly worry, stress and obsess about health creating fear, stress and lack of health?

When we trust we are healthy, we do, think and say what is good for us.
When we live with our minds and bodies working together in harmony, we easily choose what is good.
When we learn to find peace, harmony and happiness within our minds, hearts and bodies, we feel whole.
When we free ourselves from fear, anger, hurt and sorry, we remember our essential wholeness.

Remember Love and return to Wholeness.
When we are in fear, it may be difficult to find Love and Peace.
When we are avoiding or hating, or neglecting our selves, we may have reactive bodies and minds.
When we neglect what is ours to choose and do, we may find there is a mess waiting to be cleaned up

Life shows us what is needed.
Our bodies show us what has been neglected.
Our minds show us what has been accumulated.
Our relationships show us what has been devalued.

In every experience, we have the results which give us feedback.
When our minds are healthy, we have healthy thinking.
When our bodies are healthy, we have healthy energy.
When our relationships are healthy, we have harmonious encounters.

Digest the best and forget the rest.
Take in what is good for you in thoughts, words, activities, encounters, expenditures.
Forgive and release, undo and let go of what is not good for you.
Live a clean and sober, awakened and healthful life.

Choosing to live an impeccable lifestyle, 
Betty Lue