Thursday, March 05, 2015

“Falling in Love!”

I fill myself with Divine Love and freely share Love with all.
I forgive myself for rejecting or abandoning those needing love.
I release the fear of love and those who are needy or dependent.
I trust Love within me to guide me to love without creating dependency.

Falling in Love with Love!

We are attracted to something or someone where we can learn or be inspired
We are equally repelled by where we have something to learn or heal.
Relationships give us many opportunities to heal what is missing or wounded or incomplete.
Where we love, we long to see and be what we love in another or something outside ourselves.

Love holds opportunities to learn.
Love gives us chances to forgive.
Love shows us what is missing in ourselves.
Love is the way we walk closer to God.

Divine Love or Agape Love is unconditional.
Eros Love is human and conditional, based on feelings and needs.
When we are conflicted by love, we know we are in fear.
Life teaches us to Love everyone all the time to be at peace.

Love-Hate relationships are full of conditions to “get” the love we want.
Truly Loving relationship hold no grievances and Love no matter what.
Affairs or infatuations are simply seeking to reclaim a feeling or experience of being “in Love”.
Going from one relationship to another is usually a call to find the true and lasting Love we seek.

True and lasting, unconditional Love is found within ourselves.
This Love is patient and kind, giving and forgiving.
When we seek for Love, we often seek to fill ourselves with what is missing.
When we want to know Love, we find the love we give within ourselves.

Conditional Love seeks to find Love, get Love, feel Love and fill with another’s love.
Unconditional Love seeks only to give Love and share the Love we have with others.
There is only Love freely given, asking nothing and the lack of love, asking or needing love.
When we truly Love from within, we joyfully share this love for all creation.

Those who seek for Love have lost their inner connection with the Divine Love within.
Those who are demanding Love have forgotten their innocence and self worth.
Those who are longing for Love have been caught in the human need to have closeness and connection.
Those who are addicted to Love feel abandoned, betrayed, forsaken or bereft of Love.

We are born to Love and be Love, as our natural state.
In giving Love, we receive the Love we are.
When we remove all obstacles to the Presence of Love we are fulfilled, happy and at peace.
When we feel guilty, angry, hurt or afraid, we call for Love to remember the Love within.

We are here to become aware of our blocks to the Presence of Love.
We are here to forgive, erase and delete all condemnation, judgment and fear.
We are here to remove the obstacles to peace, love and true happiness.
We are here to remember and realize Love we are. no matter what.

When we lay our grievances aside, we awaken to the Love within.
Let us remember Love for our Source, our selves and others.
Let us reunite with the Love that created us to remember Love.
Let us be grateful to believe in Love by being Love, giving and receiving Love.

Loving us all as One,
Betty Lue

Coming to Know (“Returning to Love”)

To “know” is to “love”. For when we fully know, we have an experience of acceptance, understanding, trust and love.  In working with this list of levels of consciousness, we can easily substitute “love” for “know”. Perhaps, for some, this will simplify and clarify where you are in your own unfoldment process.

·               I don’t know and don’t know I don’t know.
·               I don’t know and don’t care.
·               I don’t know and don’t want to know.
·               I don’t know and wish I did.
·               I don’t know and seek to know.
·               I am coming to know.
·               I know and am afraid of what I know.
·               I know and am afraid I don’t.
·               I know and hold back what I know.
·               I know and share what I know in order to know.
·               I know and know I know quietly.
·               I am what I know.

With a little substitution:
·               I don’t love and don’t know I don’t love.
·               I don’t love and don’t care.
·               I don’t love and don’t want to love.
·               I don’t love and wish I did.
·               I don’t love and seek to love.
·               I am coming to Love.
·               I Love and am afraid of Love.
·               I Love and am afraid I don’t.
·               I Love and hold back my Love.
·               I Love and share Love to realize my Love.
·               I Love and share Love quietly.
·               I am Love.