Monday, February 09, 2015

Self Love

I am willing to Love my whole Self.
I am willing to clear the fear of Love.
I am willing to be the Love I Am.
I am willing to receive the Love I deserve.

Self Love is not selfish.
Self Love takes care of one Self to be able to freely care for Others.
I start my day with first things first.
Self care, quiet, Loving Reminders, appreciation, filling my whole Self with Love and Joy.

Breathing fully, eating from the earth, letting go with blessings.
One can gain this feeling of joyous Union from the sun on a leaf or the clouds in the sky.
In the beauty that always is exists the Infinite, the Wondrous, the Omnipresence.
What I can see is also in me or I could not perceive it.

The amazing existence of life comes from the way I behold what already is.
When I behold the glory of all creation, I can feel the glory in me.
When I enjoy my love and curious, I create more joy and wonder.
When I live with my heart as my guide, I realize all is well.

And so it is, I love living happy and free, giving and sharing what I always know.
Remember to enjoy your whole Self: Being You and seeing You and appreciating You.
Life shows us what happens when we Love.
Life shows us how it feels when we neglect to Love.

We are here to learn the difference between Love and lack of Love.
We are here to forgive all lack and fill ourselves with Love.
There is no lack of Love only our unwillingness to receive and know what is Love.
Love is not received from another when we feel unworthy,.

Healing our unworthiness is our work.
Clearing our Fear of Love is our need.
Giving ourselves to Love is the healing.
Learning to Forgive our self judgment is the way.

As we open to fully love ourselves, we allow ourselves to freely love others.
There is no magic, only the willingness to share what we have.
As we allow Love to flow through us and to us, we live in abundant Love for All That Is.
There is only the consciousness of Goodness and Grace, knowing all is well.

Let us begin each day with first things first.
Give yourself time to realign with the All Good and all Love within you.
Allow your senses to see the Beauty of All creation.
Share your praise and thanksgiving for All That Is.

Loving you in loving YOU!

Betty Lue