Sunday, February 08, 2015

Needs First!

I take care of my basic needs first so I can care for others.
I honor what I need to be full of what I can share with others.
I respect my needs for a happy healthy life of love, trust and choice.
I love myself with the best I know as an example for others.

What Do You Need?

Do you know what you need?
Do you get what are your basics?
Do you understand how to live well?
Have you learned what to do to survive and thrive?

You need to breathe, eat and sleep.
You need to digest and eliminate.
You need to find a way to be safe and secure.
You need to learn to belong someone somehow with someone.

To begin with basic survival needs, you can simply live like an animal to breathe, eat and sleep.
It may be you are unaware of how to satisfy these three needs for yourself.
Some let someone else remind them to eat and sleep.
Some don’t know how best to breathe, sleep and eat.

When you cannot take care of your own basics and depend on others to survive, you are dependent.
When you are dependent on others, you are still a child and haven’t become an adult.
When you do not take responsibility for your own health and well-being, you will vulnerable.
Vulnerability often leads to emotional volatility, fears, tears and anger.

For well being, it is essential that we learn to get food or grow food or make money to buy food.
When we have not learned to earn, make or create what we need, we will feel anxious and afraid.
When we raise children to be dependent  and unable to satisfy their own basic needs, they will be afraid.
It is essential that we teach the basics to everyone.

Responsible self sufficient people know how to take care of their basic needs.
Ignorant or dependent people do not know how to care for themselves or others.
When we raise a culture of people dependent on others to provide, there is great fear and anxiety.
When people are dependent and afraid, they are emotionally reactive and unable to think clearly.

Within every home there needs to be nurturing and nourishing, protecting and providing.
When one part is missing there is lack, and neediness.
When no one is nurtured, all feel hungry or bereft of the basic needs.
When the nurturer is not nurtured, protected and provided for, all feel anxious and afraid.

Basic needs include safety and security, provision and protection, nurturing and nourishing.
When these needs are met people feel safe and secure within their families and communities.
When these basic needs are unmet people feel unsafe, insecure, lacking and needy.
When we neglect the basics, we create needy, dependent people who are afraid and unable to take care of themselves and their families.

Each one of us can begin to learn to provide the basics for ourselves and our families.
We can become self sufficient and independent, confident and capable
Once we meet basic needs we may reach out to others to learn and grow, share and show loving kindness.
When we feel lacking in self care, we do not dare to participate and contribute, teach and share.

It is time we start with the basics.
Let us begin with ourselves, our children and grandchildren.
I am loving each one as we learn to love ourselves and our families well.

Blessings for all Good for Goodness sake,

Betty Lue