Sunday, February 15, 2015

Now What?

I give my life all the meaning it has for me.
I claim miracles of love with every encounter.
I live fearlessly with only Love as my intention.

Do we wait to see what happens?
Do we choose what we will see?
Do we let life happen to us?
Do we create what life will be?

Does anybody really know?
Does anyone really care?
Does anyone ever show how?
Do we care enough to dare?

It is time to make up our mind.
Are we victims of the world we see?
Or are we co-creators of what will be?
Let us choose in or out of the game of life.

When we align with Good, we create what is Good.
When we sit and wait, we wait for Good to show up.
When we take a chance to live the creative dance,
We set up our life to not be a victim of circumstance.

Choosing what is right and true asks that we stay awake
Choosing what is good for all asks that we pay attention and care.
Choosing what to give and teach invites us to observe and learn.
Choosing how to create requires that we know what we want.

Do you forget to choose?
Are you too lazy to choose?
Do you get confused and conflicted?
Do you simply wait to see what happens?

What happens has no preparation.
What happens has no excuse or justification.
What happens is whatever happens to be happening.
What happens has no meaning or purpose, goal or intention.

We are not children or ignorant.
We are not lost and alone.
We are not crazy or useless.
We are here to grow up and be responsible.

This is our time to choose.
Now is the moment to get clear.
We are the ones to awaken and live.
Claim this moment and choose.

I give to you my Love Now and Now and Now!

Betty Lue