Monday, February 16, 2015

Love Everyone!

Love is Who and Whose We Are.
Love is our natural state.
Love is the way we live in gratitude.
Always and only Love prevails.

It takes nothing to give everything.
It takes everything to serve everyone.
It heals everyone to give all to all.
It loves all of us to love everyone.

It takes so little to let go of fear and love.
It gives so much to forgive everything and simply love.
It means everything to receive love from all.
Love loses nothing and gains everything.

Why not simply Love?
Love does not hurt anyone.
Love benefits everyone.
Love heals from within.

Love heals.
Love reveals what needs healing.
Love inspires.
Love shines a light on ways to inspire.

Love encourages.
Love gives courage to those who fear.
Love is assertive.
Love expresses itself boldly.

Love is defenseless.
Love needs no defense, because it is all powerful.
Love is freeing.
Love sets all free, because it demands nothing in return.

Love unites.
Love teaches us to connect and dissolve all separation.
Love prospers.
Love benefits everyone in countless ways.

Love is inclusive.
Love does not turn away anyone.
Love prevails.
Love is omnipresence and omniscience.

Love never ends.
There is no loss of love, even in death.
Love is invincible.
There are no limits to Love.

I will never ever quit on Love.
Love is my truth, my Self and my life,
Betty Lue