Tuesday, February 24, 2015


What I believe, I will perceive.
I forgive my misperceptions and change my point of view.
I allow myself to learn by doing the best I know at the time.
I pay attention to what works and easily delete what doesn’t work.


We all make mistakes.
It is what we do with our mistakes that matters.
It is how we see our mistakes that makes the difference.
It is our willingness to learn from our mistakes that gives value.

Mistakes have value.
Mistakes are opportunities to learn.
Mistakes give us the experience of forgiving.
Mistakes are course corrections in an imperfect world.

When we judge mistakes, we get stuck with them.
When we avoid mistakes, we may slow our progress.
When we demean or diminish ourselves, we may lose confidence.
When we see our selves as wrong, inept, incapable, we make deny our own growth.

It is time to free ourselves from the heaviness of guilt, shame and punishment.
It is time to stop deny ourselves the opportunity to apologize, forgive and learn.
It is time to enjoy the freedom of experimenting and exploring how to wake up .
It is time to interrupt the patterns of always being safe and comfortable in the “no grow” zone.

When we trust in our choices, we can always learn.
When we forgive our mistakes, we can always choose again.
When we free ourselves to change our minds, we can always make new choices.
When we are willing to trust, forgive and free ourselves, we can take full responsibility for our lives.

Life is an experimental laboratory or Exploratorium.
Life offers unlimited opportunities to learn and grow.
Life gives us endless chances to find our “right” way.
Life teaches us there is no ultimate “right” and “perfect” way to be and believe.

Each one of us is here to learn.
When we learn to judge and condemn, the learning is slow.
When we learn to observe, forgive and make amends, our learning can be swift.
When we learn “all things work together for good, mistakes are alternative choices from which to learn.

The only mistake we every make is when we forget to Love.
Love yourself.
Love others.
Love your mistakes and they transform into gifts of Goodness, Wholeness and Love.

Give up getting stuck in condemnation, criticism and negative judgment.
Free yourself to see the beauty and blessing in all things.
Give yourself to Love.
Betty Lue

There are no mistakes in Loving.

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love!!