Sunday, January 18, 2015

Value What You Value

Everyday in every way I am better and better.
I waste no time, energy or money on what is unimportant.
I give my life to Goodness and the Highest Good.
I share who I am and all I have where it has value.

What you give attention to, shows what you value.
Where you spend time and money, demonstrates what you value.
How you talk and with whom, gives you clues about what you value.
What you worry and think about, tells you what you value.

Look at whom you admire and what you value about them.
Write it down.
Notice what you think about during the day.
Write it down.
Watch how you spend your free time.
Write it down.
Listen to what you say to others.
Write it down.

When you assess the quality of your thoughts, words and actions, you will see what you value.
What you value determines the quality of your life.
What you read defines the thoughts you think.
What you share and do come from what you value.

Fantasizing something better does not occur until you live better.
Wishing you could do more will not happen until you get up and do more.
Promising to do better tomorrow won’t be until you get up and do better today.
Magical thinking does little, until we are inspired to live what we value.

Living well in this world requires words and action.
Speaking and acting without consciousness renders us inept and ineffective.
Being thoughtful and at choice provides opportunity for doing great Good.
When we clarify our values and are true to ourselves we are potent and unlimited.

Use your thoughts, words and activities to live what you value.
Waste no time on the past where we cannot effect change.
Give yourself today to making a difference in your own life.
Makes choices with relationships, work, money, health and home that align with your values.

Be true to you and live what you know is valuable for you.
Recognize that how you live demonstrates and teaches others what you value.
Be aware that your sharing and caring is what you will receive in return.
Give your best and receive the good from your giving and living your values.

Change you mind and you change your life.
Change your values and you change your self worth.

Loving you for living  and giving what you truly value,
Betty Lue

From Martin Luther King
The first Principle of Value that we need to rediscover is this: that all reality hinges on moral foundations.
In other words, that this is a moral universe, and that there are moral laws of the universe past as abiding as the physical laws.
From “Rediscovering Lost Values.”