Friday, January 09, 2015

Learn As You Go

I learn from everyone what works.
I am awake and aware.
I respond with freedom and trust.
I respect myself and others.
It is never to late to learn a better way.
It is always helpful to be open  and willing.
It is OK to make mistakes and choose again.
It is healing to release the past and step into the next moment new again.

Life is a journey for revealing and healing, learning and growth, trusting and being trusted.
Life is a climb to greater clarity and vision, to seeing what is and what can be.
Life is a hope for something safer and more secure, something happy and more content.
Life is a faith in the highest and most helpful ways to love and live, to give and receive.

When you awaken each day, give yourself a goal to affirm, say and pray.
When you step out to greet those at home and where you go, remember to live what you know.
Take the time to correct the course you follow, when you see you have gotten distracted or lost.
Appreciate yourself with quick forgiveness for your mistakes and others, too!

Be vigilant for the highest Good that benefits everyone your meet.
When you teach everyone by your good life, you create a world that has no strife.
When you live what you think and say, you can see your life get better with every day.
When you trust your conscience knows what is Good, you feel confident in doing what you should.

There is a place deep inside where Love grows and we feel safe and happy with ourselves.
There is a longing within everyone to do what blesses and benefits those we Love.
We know no hurt when we hurt no one.
We build a world of gentleness and kindness when we choose to be gentle and kind.

Slow down and listen to what is right and true.
Stop yourself from doing what is hurtful and wrong.
Live life as though you are singing a happy song.
Be aware when you need a rest and give yourself simple grace.

Simplify your life.
Do more of what works.
Eliminate what distracts, delays and disappoints.
Appreciate the win’s and forgive the losses.

Balance work and play, creativity and rest.
Give your whole Self to Love and love You Too.
Learn from everyone what is Good for you.
Remember everything works together for Good.

All is well, when we are well with All.
Love only Love, 
Betty Lue

Create Your Own Success

Know what Success is for you.
SMART= specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely.
Be open to identify what you have learned from life about success.
Easily and quickly forgive everything that has not worked.
Be kind to yourself and others with your thoughts, words and actions.
Take care of your creations with TLC- your body, money, thoughts, home, creations.
Eliminate all excess In wasting time, energy, money and things.
See how good your life is and appreciate the Love you are given and been asked for.
Speak, imagine and behave in ways that create success.  (Dress for Success.)
Work diligently on everything that is wise, useful and positive.
Hold the thoughts, words, deeds of Success by being Success and Giving Success.

Ten Keys to a Good Life:

Be Responsible for the entirety of your life.
Be Open to learn from everything and everyone.
Be Forgiving of all mistakes, yours and others.
Be Truly helpful by thinking, speaking and giving your best.
Be Impeccable in caring for your body, relationships, home, work, finances.
Be Willing to live with moderation in all things.
Be Aware of the Gift of Love and the Call for Love.
Be Exact with your thoughts and words; they create your life.
Be Hard-working with wisdom, gratitude and joy.
Be Good.  See Good. Think Good. Speak Good. Give Good.

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