Monday, December 08, 2014

Who Is Working?

I love to work and do it well.
Life works when I do the work.
Working is fulfilling and prospers everyone.
A Helpful home is a Happy home.

There is work to be done.
There are children to be fed and schooled.
There are choices to be made and things to be done.
At home or on the job, there is always work we can do.

I often find very few do the work and the rest enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Whenever and wherever we see a need, it is ours to do.
If everyone helped everyone, all needs would be met.
If we all helped everyday, the world would be beautiful and good for all.

If we all cared enough to do the work in our homes, beds would be made.
If we all cared enough to do the work, meals would be made and all would be fed.
If we all worked in our homes, we would have a clean, orderly and happy home.
I we all helped each other to do the work, there would be much less to be done.

Some sit down while the others do all the work.
Some talk on the phone while others read a book to the kids.
Some make a mess while others make a meal.
Some enjoy being waited on, while others let them off the hook.

It is time we return to the basics of healthy family life.
Everyone works and when the work is done, we all can play and have fun.
When everyone helps everyone, all feel good and happy and pleased.
When everyone works, we all learn the blessings and benefits of working.

We need to be happy working for a greater good.
We need to enjoy being helpful to each other.
We need to teach by the example and make work a privilege.
We need to remind ourselves that work yields peace and prosperity.

When we learn to enjoy work, we are eager to do it all until finished.
When we learn to be pleased with our work, we are happy to do with excellence.
When we learn to appreciate the work we do, we work with intention and focus.
When we learn to teach others to work, we appreciate their help and encourage even more.

Let us forgive letting others be lazy.
Let us forgive a culture that focuses on play and entertainment.
Let us forgive our addiction to technology and split focus.
Let us forgive the mistake we make to not enjoy working..

Work is good and healthy.
Work is helpful and beneficial.
Work is strengthening and empowering.
Work gives us peace and prosperity.

Be happy, willing and responsible working,
Betty Lue

You may notice I am not talking about working for money which is often not our REAL Work.

Responsibilities for Adults (From Betty Lue)

Do you know how to think, speak and behave consciously?
Do you know how to treat others with respect and kindness?
Are you willing to learn to be responsible in all relationships?
Do you know the difference between right and wrong?

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Forgive everyone and everything, for all time, including yourself.
Be courteous and helpful.
Give your best, no matter what others do.
Make no assumptions, and recognize you do not know.
Keep your agreements and your promise to yourself and others.
Take turns in your interactions and following procedures.
Be fair in your decisions and choose what is good for all concerned.
Eliminate all cruelty or destructive thoughts, words or behaviors.

Think of others as you want to be thought of.
Stop judging, complaining and gossiping.
Stop negatively thinking about yourself and others.
Forgive and erase all thoughts and behaviors that are hurtful.

Speak to others as you want to be spoken to.
Use “please” and “thank you”, even with children.
Talk in a pleasant tone of voice to everyone.
Stop demanding and expecting: respectfully request.
Don’t pretend you know, when you don’t know.

Responsible Behaviors
Eradicate addictive behavior and create healthy choices.
Clean up after yourself, in your relationships and your home.
Follow through on your plans, projects and promises.
Clean your house and car, your mind and messages.
Treat the environment and earth with conscious respect.
Stop excessive spending and Save your money.
Be respectful of the people and possessions in your life.
No drunkenness or disorderly behavior.
No swearing or name-calling.
Never abuse unhealthy food, drink or drugs.
Stop expecting others to do for you what you don’t do.
Live with respectful words, kind thoughts and positive behavior in clean home.