Saturday, December 13, 2014

JOYFUL Giving Yields Prosperous Living!

My life is a gift to be given to others.
I am here only to be truly happy and helpful.
I live my life with an intention to give only Love.
The more I give, the more I have to give.
Everything we do is a gift when we do it with Joy!
Everything we say is a gift when we say it with Love!
Everything we imagine is a gift when we see it with Peace!
True Prosperity comes from the intention of our thoughts, words and deeds!

Life is for Giving.
You are the Giver and Receiver.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving that you realize the Gift You Are.

It takes nothing from us to give with Joy.
It gives Love to us when we give with Love.
Giving is the way in which we see what we are giving.
Gifts are bestowed on us as we give with Love and Joy and Peace.

The freedom to give is the opening to true prosperity.
The opportunity to live for giving gives more than we imagine.
The choice to offer the best we have with full appreciation yields more to give.
The blessings of giving come from the abundance we receive.

When we measure our giving, we are looking for loss/gain.
When we compare our giving, we are seeking better or worse.
When we evaluate our giving, we are needing approval.
When we appreciate our giving, we are watching it expand.

When we give because we are joyful, we experience more Joy.
When we give because we are dutiful, we experience more duty.
When we give because we are loving, we experience more Love.
When we give for no reason, we experience no reason to give.

The conscious or subtle intention in giving determines the value of giving to us.
When we enjoy our giving, we receive enjoyment.
When we are tired of giving, we experience fatigue.
When we feel happy and safe and helpful when we give, we experience Peace.

True Prosperity is realized from feeling happy, safe, supported and loved.
True Prosperity comes from feeling right with ourselves and our intentions.
True Prosperity is experienced when we fully appreciate who we are and what we give.
True Prosperity is our intention fully realized.

Enjoy what you Give.
Let go of seeking how much you Get.
Give your life to Love and Love will come to you.
Give your Self to Giving and Be the Gift You are.

Giving my All to You, 
Betty Lue


We are called to be channels of giving and Loving Kindness.
When we give, we are blessed and prospered by our gifts.
More comes naturally as we receive all Good and only Good.
As we continue Giving, the Gifts Expand with our Gratitude.

Robert and I donate over 50% of our personal income to create more good in our world.
We build centers for counseling and healing and families for about $10,000 initially.
We financially support them until they pay for themselves with sharing space.
Then we build another Center, as we recently did with Reunion Family Center.

100% of everything given to Reunion is given to programs, spaces and families.
Everything you contribute to Reunion will benefit those who are bettering their lives.
Right now we are using all donations to sponsor children for Study Buddies Program
The Family Center opens after school for school age children to do homework and study.

The Family Center has room for homework help, one room for arts and crafts,  one for quiet reading and rest, a kitchen where healthy snacks and homemade soup + fresh fruits and veggies. Also a living room for games and conversation. Besides the after school program, every Friday Night is Family night for family movies, crafts, games, open mic fun and special programs.  Saturday mornings we offer a workshop for parents, time for the volunteers to meet and work parties.  A Kid’s garden is being prepared for spring planting. Outside we have a basketball court and more will come as needed.  Everything is being funded and facilitated by volunteers and donations.

Give where your gift counts.
Give to what inspires you.
Give to what creates more Love.
You make a BIG difference, when you Give.

Give All to All to Have All.

The miracle you receive is more joy and more to give.