Monday, November 17, 2014

When Someone Asks…..

Love is the voice that always says, YES!
I am present and honor requests with an open mind and willing heart.
I trust humanity is seeking to be heard.
I take impeccable care of me so I can listen to thee.

When you are asked, do you always sayYES”?
When children ask for help, are you too busy?
When your partner asks, are you too lazy?
When a stranger asks, are you too afraid?

When your boss asks, do you respond with “Yes Sir”?
When the teacher asks, do your kids say, “ Yes”?
When your neighbor asks, do you respond with “ Yes?”
When you are asked by anyone anywhere, are you willing to say YES?

When you learn to say YES, your fear of being alone will go away
When you remember to say YES, your concerns about not having enough will diminish.
When you are willing to say YES, you will stop believing that your requests are embarrassing.
When you stop judging others for asking for help, you will see all requests are learning opportunities.

Saying YES with an open heart and willing Spirit is a gift to both giver and receiver.
Saying YES with annoyance and judgment leaves both with a feeling of separation.
Saying Yes in a way that empowers, teaches and inspired the other, gives both fulfillment.
Saying Yes from a place of inner guidance, you know that the voice of Spirit is always YES

Parents must learn how to listen deeper than the surface request.
“What is my child really needing right now?”
Love, attention, reassurance, direction, learning or encouragement……
“I wonder how I can best be helpful to you right now?” we must ask ourselves.

Partners must ask themselves when hearing a request, “How am I called to respond?”
Is this a request for help, advice, listening, doing something now, making a commitment, etc?
Every request has an inner meaning or underlying motivations.
When we can read, hear and know what is really needed, we can easily respond accordingly.

Often questions are simply to create connection.
“Please be with me now in my request.”
Often questions are the opportunity to be responded to with acknowledgement and listening.
We disempower other from hearing themselves and doing for themselves when we simply do for them.

Where are my socks?” can mean “Help me find them.”  “Are you listening?” or “Can I talk to you?”
If we are willing to say YES and listen with a happy, willing, open mind, we respect and empower.
“I am hungry.” Can mean “Will you tell me it’s ok.” , “What’s for dinner?,Will you fix me a snack?”
Are we willing to put down the phone, turn off the TV and face the other with a willingness to listen?

When someone asks, are you willing to listen?
When someone asks, are you open to respond?
When someone asks, do you trust  and honor their request?
When someone asks, do you say “YES, I am here”?

Learning, empowering and fulfilling myself, as I respond with YES,
Betty Lue

We are here to serve and be helpful to everyone.! Betty Lue and Robert