Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Use All For Good!

I give because I can.
I use everything I have for the Good of humanity.
I take care of me, so I can take care of others.
What I have belongs to everyone to be used for the Good of all.

When you use your time, money and energy for good, there will always be enough.
When all of us use what we have for Goodness sake, there will be plenty for everyone.
When humanity stops wasting what we have, there will be true prosperity for all.
When we all learn to share what we are given, we will experience abundance on earth.

There is plenty of food and water.
There is plenty of money and wealth.
There is plenty of knowledge and wisdom.
There is plenty of goodness and kindness.

The problem may be where and how it is distributed or withheld.
To share all with all is rarely considered.
To give what we have with those who have not.
To teach our children to share with others may be rare until we care.

Are you willing to employ everyone to give to others?
Are we all willing to generously share with one another?
Is not everyone our sister and brother?
When will we learn to love each other?

The problem may be lack of jobs and education.
The problem may be no way to move to better land and climate.
The problem may be the distribution of wealth and goods available.
The problem may simply be, we are afraid to share with each other.

Are elders sharing their wisdom with the young?
Are parents sharing their chores with their children?
Are friends sharing their rarely use equipment with their neighbors?
Are people caring for the sick, the elderly, the youth and disenfranchised?

When will we learn, the world works when everyone has enough.
When will we learn, we need to stop separating and avoiding others pain,
When will we learn to care for all our heart and mind and soul.
When will we learn to be our brother’s keeper, because we are our brother.

There is no lack when we share with one another.
There is no limitation when we work together for good.
There is no littleness or less than when we love all equally.
There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when we give all Good for all Good for everyone.

Give up unconscious and fearful selfish ways.
Share the best you know- inspirational thoughts, encouraging words and kind deeds.
Contribute what is most valuable and makes a better life.
Offer acts of service and conscious gifts with respect and gratitude.

We can change our world one person and one family at a time.
Love always Love, because Love works!!

Betty Lue