Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Is Your Life in Order?

Affirmations:  (Be willing to say aloud and write any one of these 20 times for 14 days and see the benefit!!)
I keep my affairs in order and my life works.
I keep my mind clean and sober and my life works.
I keep my home, work and relationships organized and everything words.
Everything works together for Good.

Is your house in order?
Are you ready to receive guests?
Are your relationships in order
Are you ready and willing to respond to requests for help?

Is your whole life in order?
Very few people seem to keep themselves together on a daily basis.
They seem to leave things for others to do, or procrastinate or just don’t care.
Leftovers for loved ones are often found with those who have neglected themselves for a lifetime.

Do you finish what you start?
Do you give directions to those who may need to follow after you?
Do you take the time to do the dishes and make your bed?
Are you committed to pay you bills and completing legal matters on time.

Children learn from and with their parents.
When parents are lackadaisical, children learn.
When parent are rushed and last minute, others follow their example.
When adults are forgetful and neglectful, children learn to do the same.

The benefits of an orderly life are it takes considerably less time and effort to function.
When home and work space and activities are kept in order, it is easier and faster to complete tasks.
When life is simple, scheduled and organized, there is more ease in flow and letting go.
Life can be fun, safe and easy when we keep ourselves, our relationships and things clean and clear.

Complexity and mess create distress.
Simplicity and order create ease and flow.
When the primary parent, leader or partner create enjoyable cleaning and organizing, everyone benefits.
When the primary enforcer creates distress and hurt through negative threats and blame, there is regret.

Everyone in a family can take responsibility for doing their part.
One person in an organization can create respectful collaboration to clean and clear the way for others.
Each one of us can do our part which what we have, what we do, how we relate and what we think.
We can take responsibility for the bed we lay in and for everything we think, say and do.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
Keeping thoughts, words and deeds clean is of primary importance for those who are role models.
Choosing to live in an extraordinary way sets the tone for everything we accomplish.
“Clean and sober” living means that we are fully conscious and totally responsible at all times.
When we are totally respectful, responsible and in harmony with the world around us, we are content.

Love the ease in which we live with ordered lives,

Betty Lue