Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am true to my Highest Self.
I live my life by principles I trust.
I choose wisely in all things.
I follow my Inner Guidance.
Who are you following?
What are you copying?
How are allowing to lead?
Where are you going?

Do you follow movie  or sports stars?
Do you follow the news and politics?
Do you follow your friends and family?
Do you follow outside authorities?

We all tend to copy what we see.
Ads are based on copying.
We all tend to become like those with whom we associate.
Families and associates tend to guide our choices.

Consider what you watch and listen to.
Notice with whom you spend you time.
Observe what you think and say like others you know.
See all children copy their parents and their friends.

Recognize that human nature is often based on following.
Animals and people follow their leader.
What we pay attention to, increases in our thoughts and words.
Where we put our allegiance and loyalty, we become.

When we are dependent, we follow whoever and whatever is our authority.
When we are independent, we listen to our own conscience and inner voice.
When we become interdependent, we respect and cooperate so that everyone benefits.
When we are immature and foolish, we tend to be lost, impulsive and ignorant in our choices.

Life is about growing up and developing into conscious and conscientious people.
When we are developmentally challenged, we may remain dependent on others.
When we recognize our dependency on people, beliefs, drugs and delusions, we can choose again.
When we stay stuck in judgment, fear, guilt and blame, we may claim ignorance and immaturity.

Ignorance is ignoring what we know to be true and doing what we feel like doing.
Immaturity is not knowing how to make our own decisions and giving others the power.
Dependence is trusting others know what is best for us to be and do.
Carelessness is not about the consequences of our actions or inactions.

Follow your highest ideal.
Follow your true values.
Follow what you know is the Best.
Follow what is the Greatest Love of All.

Love is Forgiveness and Trust.
Follow the path of Love.

Betty Lue