Monday, October 20, 2014

Are You Faithful?

Affirmations:  (Forgiveness and Affirmations are used to change your mind and your life!  Use them liberally!!)
I give to what I value.
I find happiness and peace in being true to what is Good for All.
I choose and commit to what is honest, true and loving.
I live with integrity in all I think and say and do.

Where are you committed?
To what do you give your heart and mind and soul?
How do you live in integrity with your values?
Are you allegiant or aligned with anyone or anything?

When we are in integrity, we are at peace.
When we are committed, we are consistent.
When we give ourselves totally to anything, we feel whole.
When we are aligned with the Spirit  of Goodness, we know Great Love.

Life tempts us with changing.
Diversity calls us to experiment.
Emotions call us to try love and fear.
Distraction, detours and delays dissuade us from being true to our own values.

When we learn what faith is, we begin first to be faithful to ourselves.
We learn to trust and honor our choices.
We express our truth and realization confidently.
We live learning what is real and abide by what is Good.

When we withhold Love, we are not faithful to our own Truth.
When we deny anyone, we are experiencing lack.
When we hesitate to contribute, we are protecting ourselves.
When we blame others for our own lack, we feel guilty.

Life teaches us to find confidence, happiness and inner peace.
When we are fearful, unhappy and conflicted, we are off our true purpose.
When we are out of integrity with our own values, we are being dishonest.
When we deny ourselves the path of peace and total fulfillment, we are betraying ourselves.

What does it take to live with honesty in what we think, say and do?
How do you choose tolerance, gentleness, patience and faithfulness?
Where do we find perfect trust, open-mindedness and defenselessness?
When will we learn to follow the path of remembering God and Good in all things?

Our natural state is Love and Joy.
Our natural state is abundance and joy.
Our natural way of remembering is God.
Our consistent path to follow is to forgive and be grateful.

Where to you go?
Who do you follow?
How do you live?
What can you do?

Live what is good, whole and true.
Give to what is good and whole and true. 
Remember what is good and whole and true.
Be All You Truly Are.

Loving You as a willing teacher/learner of Goodness, Wholeness and Truth,

Betty Lue