Monday, September 29, 2014

What Is Real?

I Love the ability to create, undo and recreate my life experiences.
I use forgiveness and affirmation to awaken to the power of thought.
I live, love, learn, laugh and let go easily.
Life is a projection from my mind.

Is your life drama real?
Are your feelings real?
Is this world real?
Does anything stay the same?

What if what is lasting and eternal is the only Real reality.
Imagine that what we see and hear, feel and trust is not lasting.
What if everything in this “reality” is always changing and rearranging itself.
What are we to do with what we experience as true?

Let’s see how we can respond with an eraser filled with Love.
Let us see what happens when we release our judgments.
Let us see how everything changes when we forgive.
Let us recognize how our misperceptions keep us stuck.

Trust forgiveness will set us free.
See that judgments keep us stuck.
When we keep repeating the same stuff, maybe we will say “Uncle, This is enough.”
“Reality” is ever changing because it is not real and lasting and true.

Forgiveness and Love allow us to see what is “Real in Reality”.
When what we see is healed and forgiven, we begin to see rightly.
When we stop naming what we do not want, we begin to see the experience we seek.
When we cease claiming what we do not like, we begin to allow all things to work together.

Consider our thoughts, words and deeds are creating and recreating what seems to be.
Consider that you and I are experiencing the “reality” we choose, perceive and judge.
Consider when we choose again for what we want to be, we beginning to create our chosen “reality”.
Consider life is teaching us what we want to be as our real experience of “reality”

If I want what I experience to be undone, I need to change my mind.
If I am ready to let go of my past and seek peace and happiness, I can delete what used to be.
If I am aware of what is right and true for me, I can create my own true reality.
Changing my thoughts changes my experience and my “reality”.

If this seems confusing to those who see their “truth” as the only reality, blessed be.
If this shines a light on what you want to see, let us begin to transform our reality.
If this is a “right=on” of what you already know, let it be so.
If this is an awakening to what truly can be, begin today to enjoy and affirm your reality.

Loving you and affirming my life is my chosen reality
Betty Lue
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