Monday, September 01, 2014

Erase Emotional Reactivity

Affirmations: ( Use affirmations liberally to clear all lack of love, respect and compassion.)
I forgive myself for letting anyone hurt me.
I forgive myself for forgetting the Love in me.
I forgive myself for being frustrated, impatient or irritated.
I am willing to respond with love because I love myself well.

Attack begets attack.
Learn how not to react.
Take hurtful words back.
Forgive yourself for all mistakes.

Emotions (E-Motion = Energy in Motion) are energy which our thoughts put into motion.
We often choose unconsciously what we do with our natural energy.
When we judge something fearful, we may use emotions to avoid or attack.
When afraid or angry, we may withdraw or blame, criticize and hurt others.

You can make our feelings right with righteous indignation, justification and explanation.
You can convince others by cajoling and manipulating, demanding and threatening.
You can condemn, ridicule, demean and bully.
You can scare others with vulgarity and hurtful language and abusive tone.

All hurtful, disrespectful and unkind behavior will harm all relationship.
All angry outbursts, simply creates separation and lack of trust and love.
All emotional reactive confrontation destroys safety, respect and intimacy.
It is essential that we all stop hurting others with our thoughts, words and behavior.

To heal we must reveal to our selves what we hold in judgment.
To heal we must forgive ourselves for begin resentful and hostile.
To heal we must clear and delete the past history and memories.
To heal we must choose to be conscious, healthy and respectful in our responses.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with Love.
Forgiveness is deleting the messages we hold in our mind.
Forgiveness is undoing what no longer has value to anyone.
Forgiveness is letting go of what we continue to hurt ourselves.

When we forgive, we free ourselves to trust.
When we forgive we free ourselves to love.
When we forgive we free ourselves to give the best we have.
When we forgive we free ourselves to respond with love to all lack of love.

Anger is the cover-up emotion for those who are hurting and afraid.
Anger is useful to keep people away when they don’t trust.
Anger is the way of avoiding intimacy because of feeling unsafe.
Anger is the emotion practiced by those who don’t want to be vulnerable.

Step away from anger so there is no harm done to anyone.
Step  away from your own anger by giving yourself a time out.
Step away and breathe: center yourself and find a place of neutrality.
Step away from arguing with anyone because anger distorts what people feel and say.

In all situations with all people, learn to be emotionally responsive.
Clear your own fear and listen to what you hear the other saying.
All lack of love is a call for love.
If everyone is afraid and no one is loving, there will not be a healing or harmonious outcome.

BE Conscious.
Forgive and space.
When you find peace within, extend that Peace to others.
Love yourself and Give the Love you have.

Loving us all, as we are willing to respond with Love.
Betty Lue.