Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Time

I use time wisely and well.
I am always at the right place at the right time doing the right thing for the right reasons.
I always have plenty of time to do what is mine to do.
There is no time like the present.

Are you using your time wisely?
Do you Take time for what is most important?
Are you aware of your time matters?
Do you have enough time?

Time is a gift for you to use.
Time is yours to manage and control.
Time is a space for you to choose consciously.
Time is a commodity to invest and receive dividends.

Time can focus or distract you.
Time can expand or limit you.
Time can enhance or erase.
Time can be a present or prison.

Have a Purpose for your life.
Have a Vision of how you seek to live.
Have Goals for what to give and do and say.
Have a Plan for how to live each and every day.

If your life is totally “Flow”, simply let go and watch where your energy goes.
If your life is about what to achieve or accomplish, set goals and make a plan.
If your life is about how to give and serve, reach out and watch who come to you.
If your life is about you, then support yourself in having your dreams come true.

When I use my time, I use it well.
Haste makes waste.
Make every minute count.
Use what is given well.

Time to work and time to play.
Time to create and time to rest.
Time to give and to receive.
Time to learn and teach and serve and reach out.

I use my time to do what fulfills my mind, body and Spirit.
I use my time to create and share and inspire one and all.
I use my time to live and learn from everything and everyone.
I use my time to give Thanks to the Source of All Good and Whole.

It seems that every moment is a prayer, and endless sharing of the Good I know.
It seems that each day is a gift of happiness and inspiration to live in me.
It seems that every time and all time spent with creating creates even more time.
It seems that time stands still when I am in the zone of All Time and No Time.

Use the Gift of Time to bless you and your whole Life.
Use your time wisely and well, effectively and with gratitude.

I am loving us all the time.
Betty Lue

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