Sunday, November 21, 2004

Life’s Journey

Where are you in your journey of awakening?
How much do you stay awake and aware?
How lazy are you in remembering your true purpose?
How much do you seek to get what you want, rather than give what you have?
How willing are you to dare to dream?
How unwilling are you to honor your inner call?
How little do you give in order to get what your think you want?
How much are you entitled to have without investing it All?
How fulfilled are you with every idea, expression and creation?
Are your creations beautiful, good and healthy for you?
Are your values helpful and kind, meaningful and enjoyable?
Is your life rich with possibility and promise or devoid of freedom and creativity?
Where are you going and do you know you will get there?
Does your security lie in bank account, investments, temporal things and people?
Are you experiencing disappointment and disillusionment because life changes?
Is your happiness really your responsibility?
Does your life matter to everyone everywhere?

So many questions to ask….
To find what is missing.
So little to do
To remember Who I Am.
So much life to enjoy
When I appreciate what I have.
So many choices to make
When I know my Happiness inspires All.

Loving you,
Betty Lue