Friday, November 12, 2004

Neediness and Problems

Where your focus is, there you shall yield more of the same.

Our society seems to be focused on problems, rather than solutions.
Humanity seems to be focused on illness and disease, rather than health and wellness.
People seem to prefer being needy, rather than generous.
Folks look out for what they can get, rather than give.
We seem to protect the weak, rather than value the strong.
Our media gives attention to the evils, rather than the good.
We pray for help, rather than give thanks for our blessings.
We seem to be addicted to neediness and attached to problems.

Things I have noticed within the healing community:
Competition over whose needs are greatest.
Exaltation of the suffering and mistakes people have made.
Unification of families and communities where there is tragedy.
Intimacy is increased where pain and sorrow are shared.
People really listen to tragic stories.
People seek help from spiritual teachers and guides, advisors and consultants for their problems.
Money, time and energy are easily expended on health and financial “needs” first.
Families may be consumed with what needs to be done rather than what is desired and enjoyed.
Neediness is a powerful place of complaint and control.
Church becomes a priority when families have difficulties.
One’s problems are a justification for doing what you want without considering others.
Healing professionals are dependent on their clients’ problems and their dependency.
Healing professionals are in a conflict of interest. (Financially gaining from their patients neediness.)

While this message may be offensive to those who feel needy and have problems,
it is intended to be a wakeup call to forgive our societal self-made limitations and negative thinking.
It is time to choose again for what we are creating.
Our thoughts create. Our emotions fuel our thoughts.
When we think “This is a problem”, it becomes one.
When we feel sorry for ourselves, we lose our creative power and believe we are victims.
When we relinquish our power, we lose the willingness and faith to change our minds and our choices.

What can we do instead of seeing ourselves having problems?
What can we do instead of believing we are needy?
What can we do instead of quitting on ourselves?
What can we do instead of being angry with God?
What can we do instead of relying on someone else to rescue us?
What can we do instead of believing our world is dangerous, difficult and demanding?

See tomorrow’s Loving Reminder.
Loving you,
Betty Lue