Monday, November 15, 2004

Have No Fear

Fear Is Learned.

When children are exposed to fearful adults, fearful teachings and fear-based beliefs, they learn fear.
When we live in a household with restrictive rules, concerned messages and doubting attitudes, we believe and apply the same to ourselves and our children.
When we experience this from those who “love” us, we believe this is LOVE.
When taught to obey to keep safe, we learn to look for outside rules and authority to keep us safe.
When experiencing fearful messages from authority figures, we look to them for direction and security.
When parents, politicians, or professionals deliver strong warnings, our tendency is to believe them.
When we are afraid of disease, violence, disaster or mistakes, we learn to be cautious and dependent.
When those in authority are aware of this power, they use fear to win loyalty, obedience and favor.

When children are raised by trusting and faith-filled adults, they learn trust, freedom and confidence.
When we live in a household with democratic process, freeing messages and confident attitudes, we learn confidence, freedom of choice and willingness to risk without fear of making mistakes or failing.
When we experience freedom and trust from those who “love” us, we believe this is Love.

With freedom and trust we have confidence in ourselves and listen within for direction and guidance.
With confidence, freedom of choice and willingness, we explore, create solutions to problems and are never restricted by “apparent problems”.
When we experience this freedom and trust in ourselves, we enjoy life and see it as a learning adventure.
When we see life as a learning adventure, we need not judge our experience. Without judgment, we experience life as fun, safe and easy.

Life is a learning laboratory, a temporary experience in which we can reinforce learned fear and repeat historical patterns. Or we can change our minds, forgive our fears and build confidence in our ability to explore, discover and grow in trust and freedom, learning from every experience.

The fearful mind is limited in what it perceives, knows and creates.
A trusting mind is unlimited in its perceptions, its wisdom and its creative solutions.
Life invites us to choose to live in fear or in love, in insecurity or in safety, in anxiety or in joy.

I choose to live in the Love, Trust and Freedom in which I was created and in which I am Loved.
Betty Lue