Monday, August 30, 2004

First Day of School

We are back from spending 12 days in North Carolina with my fantastic Mom and many of our friends there. We offered three workshops on Intuition and Inner Listening, Faith and Love in Action and Coaching with Spirit. Teaching is learning and reminding ourselves. So we always listen to the messages we and others are sharing.

It is Gia’s first day of first grade…a special day as I recall that first day of school each year. And yet when there is something special, there is often pre-miracle anxiety. So often is better to down play rather than build up anticipation and expectation. Often we make the mistake of teaching our children and reinforcing the hills and valleys in life…”How wonderful!” and “How Terrible.” Maybe everyday is really the same opportunity to learn and grow, to heal and forgive, to love and know, to believe and trust in what is.

As I return from this time away, I notice how it blends in with my everyday life.
I live in a way that celebrates each day and each person, not anymore special than anyone else,and always special in that you are my friend and myself.
I behold in you an aspect of God and receive the gifts of Love and wisdom that are waiting there for my openness.
When I arrive home, the wash is done and groceries purchased within the first two hours so that the next day can begin as though I had not really gone away.
My life is an adventure every moment.
My life is a vacation everyday when perceived as what I want to be doing.
My life is a gift of healing and love to me and others because I choose to see it this way.
My life is filled with loving you and receiving you love.

I am delighted to be once more writing you in the morning (3:30AM) and on my way to Gia’s house one hour from here. For those of you who don’t know Gia, she is our almost six year old granddaughter who we are with every morning from 4:30AM until we take her to school. This allows her Dad to go off to work leaving her to sleep until morning.

More goodies tomorrow with so much love for you.
Know I am always with you in Spirit, even when I am not at my computer.
Loving you,
Betty Lue