Saturday, April 03, 2004

Your Wedding Day!

What is wedding?
Wedding is the commitment to remember Love and return to wholeness.
How does one prepare themselves?
We recognize that everyone has healing and clearing to do to fully realize the Love we are.
How do we commit and sustain that conscious commitment?
We do the work of clearing all obstacles to Love with the support of our partner .
What keeps a life partnership strong and true? Practice, practice, practice the qualities of a teacher of God, those Self-realizing Souls who are here to live in Love and give Unconditionally

Holy Union, True Wedding, is the commitment of two people to learn to fully experience and express Unconditional Love.
Where any two join, hold the vision of a lifetime together in Love, they have expressed the conscious intent to undo all the blocks, barriers and obstacles to unconditional Love.
This requires practicing the qualities of trust, honesty, tolerance, patience, gentleness, generosity, open-mindedness, defenselessness, faithfulness and joyfulness.
This sacred commitment is the awesome responsibility of recognizing the powerful promise to love and be loved without end.
Whenever we make a promise, everything unlike our stated intention will come up for healing.
Within marriage those unhealed places within each one will surface to be revealed and healed.
We are not simply wedding with another, but rather we are returning to fully unite with the Love we are.
We are asking a partner to join with us in the remembrance of Love and the return to wholeness.
We are inviting our family and friends to support us in remembering our vows.
We are committing to the real work on this earth, to erase all obstacles to loving.
We are joining for a higher purpose than our security needs or a call to belong or have a family.
In wedding with another we are inviting ourselves to remember to love no matter what.
When we put the interests of another before our own, we realize what is given is received.
When we take responsibility for the quality of our partnership, we need not blame nor feel guilt.
When we vow to give our very best, we have committed to take impeccable care of our best selves.
When we agree to life partnership, we join in vision and agree to respect, responsibility and cooperation.
Marriage is the union of two souls with a higher vision and purpose for which they partner to achieve.

All of us are joined with the Infinite to recognize and release all blocks to Love, freedom and trust.
In this we are all wed with one another.
May this wedding of awakening souls be sanctified by our thoughts, words and deeds this and every day.

Blessed be those who are called to join together for the sake of Love,
Betty Lue

Shared as mother, friend, and fellow traveler on life’s wondrous spiritual journey.