Friday, April 02, 2004

Respect Yourself First

You say you want respect….
Do you give respect?
You say you want to trust….
Do you give trust?
You say you want honesty…..
Are you perfectly honest?

In relationships with adolescents, mates and friends, we often see people “dis” missing one another.
We see disrespect on TV and movies with bad language, hitting, saying cruel things and name-calling.
We experience people being late, not paying their bills, cheating on taxes, being lazy, and blaming others.
Blaming others is disrespectful.
Being late is disrespectful.
Not showing up for an appointment is disrespectful.
Breaking a promise is disrespectful.
Making fun of someone is disrespectful.
Gossiping or talking about someone not present is disrespectful.
Not listening when someone is speaking is disrespectful.
Being distracted by TV while conversing with a family member is disrespectful.
Neglecting to say “Please” and ‘thank you “ is disrespectful.
Hurting or hating someone is disrespectful.

Respect is both demonstrated and earned by giving respect to ourselves and to others.
Respect is not something which can be explained or taught with words.
Respect must be given to be received.
True respect comes from Love, not from fear.

In a world which is too fast to be courteous, too busy to stop and say thanks, too distracted to notice what helps and what hurts, we must all reconsider our choices and our behavior towards ourselves and others.

Do you talk to yourself respectfully? There are no secrets…even our thoughts are heard by others.
Do you take care of yourself respectfully?
Eating right, getting enough rest, enjoying our work are ways we demonstrate our self respect.
Do you show your self respect to others? Do you stand erect, smile with contentment, speak with confidence and appreciate your life? These are the ways others can see you deserve their respect.
Do you treat others with respect? Do you talk to people with consideration, kindness and appreciation?
Negativity, demands, bullying, name-calling are all signs of ignorance and disrespect for self and others.

Respect flows from love. All true respect comes from love and appreciation
Disrespect is learned with demands and threats. Disrespect comes from hatred and fear.

The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect me.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect themselves.
The more I love and respect myself, the more others love and respect others.

Loving You,
Betty Lue