Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Forgive and Learn


What I affirm, I realize.

What I forgive, I undo.

I choose to let go of what I no longer value.

I forgive the past and choose to learn.

Forgiveness Allows Learning

When you judge, you get stuck.

When you forgive, you open the doors to learn.

When you make others wrong, you shut your own mind.

When you seek to see things differently, you learn more and love more.

The value of learning is not repeating the same behavior I no longer want.

The problem with judging is repeating the same behavior again and again.

I choose to let go of what I no longer desire.

I allow myself to easily and quickly release what is not good for me.

I easily and quickly release and let go of what is no longer valuable.

I open and allow all good in my life.

I trust in the natural goodness within my mind, body and spirit.

My life is constant learning to choose what is good and whole.

When we learn to let go, we quickly release what is not healthy and valuable.

We can release the past and make new choices in this moment.

Others may remind us of the past and trigger our emotional history.

We are able to freely choose a new attitude and healthy thinking.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Forgiveness offers the opportunity to choose what we want.

Forgiveness is clearing our own negative and limited thinking.

Forgiveness sets us free to choose again.

Holding onto our judgments, fears and failures, closes our mind.

Filled with regrets, hurt and grievances we cannot think clearly.

What we hold against ourselves prevents creativity and new perceptions.

Our real work is to undo what doesn't work.

Why would we continue to hurt ourselves with our hurtful history?

Why should we continue to deny ourselves the opportunity to change?

How could we continue to scare ourselves with memories of pain and denial?

We can choose to begin again with a new heart and open mind.

Let us learn from past mistakes and misunderstandings.

Let us remember we can always begin again in new ways.

Let us open our thinking and allow the joy of inspiration to fill us.

Let us be the ones who live with letting go, learning and loving again and again.

Trusting in our renewing process of forgiveness and change of mind and heart.

Betty Lue

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Who Needs You?


I give what I need to receive.

I honor others as I honor myself.

I listen within and respond with love.

I dare to care and receive the rewards.

Who Needs You Now?

Who needs your words of praise?

Who needs your smiling face?

Who needs your time to share?

Who needs someone to care?

Who needs you now?

Have you looked within your heart?

Have you asked which place to start?

Have you tried asking honestly “Who Needs me Now?”

I guarantee you are needed and loved.

I positively know you can save someone’s life.

I ask you to live and give the love within you.

I want you to look around and share what you know.

So many are hiding, lost and alone.

So many are hungry, hurting and afraid.

So many have forgotten the beauty within.

So many have withdrawn and fear to begin.

Are you sacrificing the gifts within you?

Do you even remember what it means to be true?

Do you dare to share what you have?

Are you able to look within and ask who needs you?

Saving one life in your lifetime is what you are here for.

Give your all to one person with generosity and joy.

Be all you can be in this moment and see the reward.

Stop withholding your love and find unlimited joy.

Recognize all you can be by filling a need.

There is no loss when you give and receive.

There is no cost when you know how gifts are received.

You are both giver and receiver, when you give with your heart.

  • Saying “thank you” is enough.
  • Being present when needed is enough.
  • Helping with kindness is enough.
  • Taking time for a smile is enough.
  • Sharing a meal is enough.
  • Joining in laughter is enough.
  • Writing a note received in the mail is enough.
  • Giving a wholehearted hug is enough.
  • Saying a faith-filled prayer is enough.

You already are all you seek to give and to be.

This is your time to listen to your heart.

Whoever calls you to care, give it now.

You will understand how much it means.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Monday, October 26, 2020

Be Your Best!

Be Safe.

Be well.

Be wise.

Be your Best!


I am willing to be the best in me.

I am open to give my best freely.

I am trusting my best can get better.

I am loving myself better when I am my best!

Why Not Be Your Best?

Let us all be our best.

There is only gain.

There is great reward.

There is always good.

Let us choose to do only good.

There is good report.

There is good favor.

There is a better world.

Let us listen to love.

There is love to guide us.

There is positive regard.

There is more safety for all.

Let us learn to forgive.

There is freedom to speak.

There is joy to share.

There is more love to care.

Let us live in peace.

There is more safety together.

There is more love forever.

There is more creativity for all.

Let us remember to give our best.

Let us see how we can live our best.

Let us join and inspire one another.

Let us return to the family of sisters and brothers.

You know how to be your best for those you want to impress.

You want to receive the best from others.

You have neglected your best getting better.

You may have noticed not caring about your best.

Now is the time for the sake of ourselves.

We must awaken the best in us for the sake of others.

Forgive the laziness in less than the best.

Think, speak and act your best so you remember.

You inspire with your best.

You teach with your best.

You change others with your best.

You make the world better with your best.

Loving your best and mine.

Betty Lue

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Back to Basics

Affirmations: (Use these affirmations to remember your best!)

I live each day the highest and best way for me.

I think well of myself and others.

I speak well of myself and my life.

I act and interact in the best ways I know.

Back To Basics

Go back to being your best Self.

Go back to when you were truly happy.

Go back to life working well for you.

Go back to being in love with you.

Do you remember when…….

Maybe living on your own?

Maybe feeling super healthy and alive?

Maybe connecting with Spirit in all things?

Find the time when life was really good for you.

Remember all the qualities that made life good.

Where were you and what were you doing?

How were you taking care of yourself and your spirit?

You knew what to do.

You knew who to be with.

You knew how you were thinking.

You knew….. and need to remember again.

We all need to return to the best moments we can remember.

We need to realize we can live it again and even better this time.

We need to recognize what is not working now and let it all go.

We need to value ourselves enough to give ourselves our very best.

Even if you didn't do your best then, you can do it now and even better.

Even if you didn't have the good life you wanted, you can do it now and even better.

Even if you messed up and did it wrong, you can do it right now and even better.

Even if you don't have what you had then, you can do it now and even better.

So much of life is the “do-overs” we are entitled to.

If we are stuck in self judgment and self neglect, we can break free and do it differently.

Life is “fail safe”. 

We can do life over this time, wiser, better and more forgiving  than ever. 

Go back to basics.

Decide what you need and do it right this time.

Associate with those who inspire and encourage you.

Live in ways that feel right and true for you.

You can create the right ways to be healthy.

You can surround yourself with people who are right for you.

You can let go of the past and begin to live each day the right way for you.

You can change your attitude and respond to all things with awareness and kindness.

You can go back and do it over right now beginning today the right way for YOU!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Saturday, October 24, 2020

What Are You Doing with Today?


I choose the high way with trust and freedom.

I honor myself and others in my everyday interaction.

I live and love in the ways that I want to teach and learn.

I give my best in all circumstances and relationships.

This Is Your Day!

What are you doing with today?

Are you getting up with a good attitude?

Are you looking forward to this day?

Do you know it is yours to choose or lose?

Many people let the day “happen to them.”

Most think they are “victims” of their experience.

However, what you feel is yours to choose.

You alone can make the difference in your own life.

No one need allow others to determine their attitude.

Our life training is in “reframing” what seems to be our experience.

You can choose all things for good or bad.

You can take everything personally or choose your own “take”.

We are free to set ourselves free .

We have the choice to determine our perception.

We can change our thoughts and words and feelings.

We are able to clear our judgments and change our attitude.  

Set you day on the right track.

Choose how you want to be.

Decide the goal or outcome.

Determine what feeling you prefer.

We are able to change our mind.

We can choose the thoughts we think.

We can drop a negative attitude.

We can treat ourselves with respect.

How we relate to others is determined by our attitude toward ourselves.

We can start our day with kindness, gratitude and helpfulness.

We can use every interaction to share positive feelings.

We can stop all negativity and arguments with silence.

Picture what you want.

Respond with kindness.

Be willing to listen with respect.

Open to being helpful rather than hurtful.

Remember that you are leading the way.

Understand that others may not be aware.

Open to being kind and forgiving no matter what.

Trust yourself in choosing the highest way to live.

Live in integrity with your highest values.

Trust your Self.

Betty Lue

Friday, October 23, 2020

Live with Generosity

Share the best you have.

Give with joy and gratitude.

Do what feels good to you.

Be the Love you are!


I love to give for goodness Sake.

Life is for giving.

We receive all that we give and more.

I choose to give fully and freely all that I have been given.

Generosity Yields Prosperity.

How you live is your reflection.

What you give is your prosperity.

Where you contribute shows your value.

Contribute the prosperity you want to share.

What we give, we receive.

Where we give is our value.

How we give demonstrates our prosperity.

Our giving creates the way we want to live.

Do you feel rich or poor? 

Do you feel full or empty?

Do you feel generous or cheap?

Do you feel helpful or helpless?

When we are asked to help, we always have a choice.

Can we help and how much?

Is our help helpful or co-dependent?

Are we supporting laziness or dependence or empowering people?

Our kindness and generosity is meant to inspire others to be giving too.

Our helpfulness can be a powerful means to teach and show a better way.

We can be generous with our time, money and resources or fearful of giving.

Our support for others can encourage them or make them feel small and limited.

We have the opportunity to contribute to others strength, courage and creativity.

When we join with others, we are giving them our trust and sharing our ways and means.

The attitude with which we give makes the difference in the energy which is received.

Give with gratitude and joy rather than feeling taken and resentful.

There is no loss in giving.

Where we give with gratitude, we receive the gift.

When we give with joy, we receive true happiness.

When we give with Love, we receive the inspiration.

All gifts are given to Oneself through the One Who gives through us.

Let us be glad and rejoice in all giving.

Let us be generous in our Spirit of giving.

Let us be fully conscious in the meaning of giving.

We are both blessing and blessed in our life of giving.

Life is for giving and we are the gift.

Giving and receiving are one and the same.

I am giving to you and it is a gift to myself.

Let us remember to Love One another.

Betty Lue

Life is forgiving .

You are the gift.

It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.

Set yourself free with forgiveness.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue