Saturday, October 31, 2020

A New Dawn!

Full Moon

1. What do you want to do better?

2. What are you willing to do better?

3. How are you practicing to do better?


I believe and declare what I really want.

I seek the highest truth for all in me.

I have a new perception of a better way to be.

I choose today as the first day of my life.

A New Day

Bring each day the best you have.

Bring today the best in you.

Bring everyday a new beginning.

Bring right now what you really are.

Every day you can put on a new face.

You can choose a new costume for you right way to be.

It is time we select what is ours to wear and reflect.

Step out into the light with what you wish to be.

We must declare our intention.

We must be our own perception.

We must wear our own projection.

We must live our true reflection.

Do you think about what you really want?

Have you chosen where you are going with your life?

Are you aware of how you express what you believe?

Is there anyway you attract or reject others view of you?

We all can be responsible for what we think, speak and activate.

We can honestly provide all around us with clarity and conscious choice.

We can bring more hope, inspiration and faith to our offerings.

We all can be more selective in what we say and do to everyone.

Why hide behind the veils of illusion with guilt and blame, fear and hate?

Why continue the masks of uncertainty, insecurity and pity for what seems to be?

Why not step forward in fearlessness and simply change our right perception?

What we believe is what we see and what we see becomes our fake news.

Some seek for peace.

Some choose for healing.

Some want to create anew.

Some just complain and negate.

Why not step out from the shadows of silence?

Why can we not reveal our true positive prayer?

Why always be quiet in the face of resistance?

Perhaps we can change the course of our destiny.

Be the voice that speaks with courage and Love.

Be the one who sings out with peaceful prayer.

Be the opportunity to create more helpfulness.

Be the joy that issues hope for humanity.

Everyday is a new day.

May this day be the one to put on the face of hope, faith and radical kindness.

Loving you in all you are and say and do.

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

1.  Make No Assumptions. 

2.  Keep Your Agreements. 

3.  Take Nothing Personally. 

4.  Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.