Monday, September 21, 2020



I love being cheerful.

I free myself to trust, when I am of good cheer.

I know that my happiness is contagious.

I freely give the cheerfulness I receive.

Be Of Good Cheer

A smile energizes us in all adventures.

Love shines through our gratitude.

We all feel better when we are cheerful.

Be of good cheer and know help will appear.

Being cheerful can clear our thinking.

Being happy can give us hope.

Being positive can show us a better way.

Being cheerful will make our day.

It is often difficult to stop worrying.

It may be frightening to see what is.

Life may now be good around us.

But being cheerful fills us with light.

It is in light that we see what is right.

It is in the light that we create anew.

It is our light that inspires others.

It is our delight that opens our vision.

We can be cheerful about someone or something.

We can share our cheer with those who seek love.

We can give our blessings and others receive.

We can be of good cheer and trust in our Good.

We are in times of turmoil and disaster.

Our human family needs our positive prayer.

We can affirm and be of help.

Our natural way is to cheer up and do good works.

What have you done to your self today?

What can you do for your family and home?

How can you respond to you communities’ needs?

What can you do to make one person hopeful?

It is with a cheerful heart that we are energized to help.

It is with a cheerful heart that we can do something good.

It is with a cheerful heart that you and I make others happy.

Cheerfulness makes us all healthier, happier and more grateful.

Loving you well with a cheerful heart,

Betty Lue

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Be Patient

  • Discover your reason for being here. 
  • Take time to know your Authentic Self.
  • Be willing to listen to what you really want.
  • Appreciate who you are, all you do and have.


I take time to listen and learn.

I take time to love myself.

I take time to appreciate all I have.

I take time to respect, trust and be patient with us all.


Take time for yourself.

Take time for others.

Take time to enjoy.

Take time to heal.

There is no time to waste.

Take time with a focus.  

Take time for what is good.

Take time to celebrate.

Life is a gift.

Use it well.

You matter.

Give yourself happiness.

This is your time to be.

This is your time to see and hear and feel.

This is your time to enjoy.

Have moments of pure love.

You can have fun.

You can learn and grow.

You can heal the past.

You will come to know.

What is….is your life.

Experience all it is meant to be.

This is your life.

Give it the best you know and see.

You can come to peace.

You can heal your mind and body.

You can share your love.

You can be truly happy.

Be willing to allow.

Be open to listen within.

Be willing to develop patience.

Be open to trust the way.

You can, because you choose.

You can, because you want to know.

You can, because you are here.

You can, because you continue to grow.

I am patient with myself and all, as we learn to love. serve and remember always the Good.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Saturday, September 19, 2020


I love Life and Life loves me.
I am grateful for all the Good in my life.
I value what brings peace and joy and love.
I celebrate how Good life can be.

Appreciate the Good!

What you appreciate, you increase.

What you value, you look seek and find.

What you focus on, you expand.

Where you place your attention, you attract.

Are you aware?

This is the Law of Attraction.

This is the Secret.

This is what you need to know.

Life is not random or accidental.

Life is showing us where we attend.

Life is giving us the secret.

Life is our teacher.

Pay attention to what you are attending.

What are you worried about?

What are you talking about?

What do you think about?

When you talk about money fears, you will experience more fear.

When you focus on health issues, more issues appear.

When you focus on relationship problems, more problems show up.

When you attend to the negative, you  notice more negativity.

You can learn to focus on what is working.

You can choose to find what you appreciate.

You can identify what is good for you.

When you seek what is good and whole and beautiful, you will find them.

Watch your thoughts.

Identify the ones which you value.

Create more good thoughts.

Watch how the good ones, generate more goodness.

Praise what is Good.

Celebrate what is Loving.

Give thanks for what is Healthy.

Appreciate how wonderful your life is.

From our appreciation, we generate more to appreciate.

And so it is, Life becomes a Joy.

Loving you with Joy and Gratitude in my heart.

Betty Lue

Gratitude expands our Good.

Allow Goodness to grow with Your Sincere Appreciation.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Help Some One!


I help because I Love.

I help myself so I can be more helpful.

I am inspired to give to others.

Life works better for us all when we are truly helpful.

Help Some One.

Begin by helping yourself.

Begin everyday by giving yourself the best you know.

Begin with inspiration for a good day.

Begin with good nutrition and good quality rest.

When you help One, you help us all.

When you give your best to just One among us, all benefit.

You can give to one child, one parent, one partner and your Self.

This is your call and your gift to each one among us.

I am surprised when I see how little we care for ourselves.

I am shocked when I see how little we notice what others need.

I am amazed by what we seem to think is ok to be given to our “loved” ones.

But then I notice, we may not have been given to by our parents.

When we experience little help and caring as a child, people seem to accept little.

When we deny ourselves, we learn to deny others.

When we disrespect ourselves, we lack respect for others. 

When we ignore our own needs, we have learned to ignore others. 

Help someone you know.

Help someone who you don’t know.

Help the children and our youth.

Help the elderly and infirm.


We are our “brothers” keeper” !

You are deciding everyday.

You can call someone who is alone.

You can listen to someone who is afraid.

You can give someone your extra change.

You can help your child do their homework.

You can offer a smile, a hug, a good wish for the day.

You can join a non profit organization what helps and serves.

You can pay your taxes and vote for the best person who listens.

You can stop complaining and start participating in your community.

You can give greetings of respectful “please” and “thank you”.

You can be very helpful everyday to everyone.

First help yourselves.

Be healthy and happy.

Work with excellence.

Use Your Resources for helpful purposes.

If we all are conscious about how we live and give, life will be better for us all.

Loving you and I as we are helpful to one another,

Betty Lue

Thursday, September 17, 2020

We Are Here!


I am here right where I need to be.

I am here to be truly helpful and healing.

I am here to be strong and brave and true.

I am here to love me and love you, no matter what.

We Are Here!

We are here standing in the midst of what is.

When much is gone, even more is left.

We are here.

When we clear the smoke, we are here and ready to rebuild.

We are here to clear the fear.

We are here to wash away grief with our tears.

We are here able to walk and talk, work and play.

We are here to get up and begin again to have this day. 

When things fall apart, they are letting go of what was.

When things disintegrate, they will reintegrate at a higher level.

When things are undone, we get to see how we all are really One.

When things go away, what is valued will come back another day.

People have a tendency be lost, when their things are lost.

We did not lose ourselves.

We did not lose one another.

We are not our things and we will not be lost.

Each manages loss in their own unique way.

Each has learned to react with fear or respond with love.

Trauma and disaster can create chaos and fear.

Loss and devastation can bring out courage and love.

Some will turn to God and faith.

Some will start to help and heal.

Some will simply sit and feel.

Some will plan and work.

Some will provide time and service.

Some will gather friends and share.

Some will fall apart in despair.

And some will simply do what is needed.

Some grieve what was lost.

Some deal with what is right now.

Some plan for the future and rebuild.

It is time for each to honor and respect one another.

Gather with those who are of like mind.

Gather with those who love one another.

Gather with those who have similar plans.

Gather with those who have open helping hands.

Together we can do this.

We rise and we fall.

Together we are grateful.

Together we answer the call.

Standing here to be truly helpful

With commitment and courage, we will rebuild.

With love and dedication, we will co-create something better.

With kindness and respect, we will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

I am always loving one and all,

Betty Lue

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What Do You Know?


I do not know what is the truth for you.

I know what is mine to know in each moment.

I trust in my inner guidance to guide me to what is best for me.

I easily forgive and release what is no longer the highest truth for me. 

Do You Know?

You know what you believe you know.

You know what others agree you know.

You know what your senses tell you.

You know what you have read and believed.

But what do you really know?

Life and its facts are constantly changing

What we perceive we are taught to believe.

We only think we know and become what we think.

What were the ideas we had about hygiene have changed.

Our knowledge about the Universe has expanded.

Our perceptions of energy waves and particles is different.

Our understanding of our body keeps growing.

When we think we “know” someone, we may find they are different.

When we thought we “knew” ourselves, we may discover new emotions.

Our revelation about people we know may be disclosed by others.

Secrets hide and minds expand.

Maybe it is time to consider we only know a fraction of what exists.

Or maybe what we think we know is an illusion in our minds.

Or maybe there is an underlying reality which is ever-expanding.

Consider that you think you know because the unknown is too much to know.

Let us turn our knowledge into what it is for right now.

Believe what is your knowing until something more comes to you.

Be open and willing to expand your thinking to know what is needed.

Trust and respect that what each one knows is only a particle of the truth.

I see and hear what I can see and hear.

I believe and trust what serves me now.

I value and appreciate what each one brings to me.

I learn from everyone a piece of what is.

I love you and I and what we share with one another.

Our perceptions are our point of view.

Each one expands the greater whole.

We are all describing the truth from our own perspective.

Respecting you and me together,

Betty Lue

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I Believe in Love


I trust in the Love that gives my inner peace.

I release what is not good for me.

I want the peace of goodness and Love

I forgive all that is not true for me.

I Believe in Love.

I believe Love is Freedom and Trust.

I believe Love is Trust and Freedom.

I believe that love is letting go of fear.

I believe that Love is letting go.

Love is the power of healing.

Love is the way we appreciate. 

Love is who We Are.

Love is All There Is.

Under the illusion we dared to dream, there is only Love.

Love created us to be the Love we are and the Love we share.

When we erase and forgive all we mis-created, there is Love.

When we are allowing forgiveness to clear the way, we remember Love.

Those who remember, know Love is real.

Those who have forgotten, may misunderstand.

Those who let the mis creations rule, may fear Love is illusion.

Those who see Love as special, saved only for some, may doubt.

We are the generation here to clear the fear.

This is our time to forgive all, everything that is false.

We are here to undo what we do not want.

We can focus and decide to trust in love only.

Yes, this is radical.

Yes, this is possible.

Yes, this is work.

Yes, we can remember.

What do you believe?

What you believe, you will live.

When you believe, you will be guided by.

When you have chosen your beliefs, you can trust where they lead.

When we allow others’ beliefs to lead us, we may feel misguided.

When we allow fear to be our guide, we will be afraid.

When we believe in duality, we will not know which is our reality.

When we forgive one path, we will choose the other.

And so it is, our faith will make us whole.

Our truth will lead us to peace.

Our belief will guide us.

The belief we hold will bring us home.

Always sharing my Love, 

Betty Lue 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Do It Now!


I freely listen and learn, give and receive.

I trust in my inner guidance, intuition and knowing.

I follow the Spirit of Love and let go of fear.

I believe life is given to be received and shared.


 What Is Needed?


What seems to be haunting you?

Do whatever is needed NOW.

What keeps coming to mind?

When it shows up, just Do it.


We need not understand why.

We need not know how.

We simply need to do it.

Hesitating is procrastinating.


Life calls to us.

We keep hearing the same message.

We are guided by Love.

We know better than wait.


Love is to be shared every moment.

Kindness is to be giving to everyone.

Hope is to be restored each day.

Joy is to be experienced in every way.


Why not just give your all?

Why not simply be your best?

Why not forgive the fear?

How can be leave it undone?


It is time to clear the relationships.

It is your time to share your truth.

It is your time to heed the call.

It is your time to heal it all.


Time offers us time.

Love seeks to love.

Beauty wants to be seen. 

We have to give to live.


Be aware if you dare.

You have what it takes.

Listen and learn.

Set your whole self free.


Simply be.

Have the courage to give.

Really live the life you have.

Love yourself well.


Loving you all ways

Betty Lue




People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; 

Forgive them anyway. 


If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; 

Be kind anyway. 


If you are successful, you will win some false friends 

and some true enemies; 

Succeed anyway. 


If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; 

Be honest and frank anyway. 


What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; 

Build anyway.                      


If you find serenity and happiness, there may be jealousy; 

Be happy anyway. 


The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; 

Do good anyway. 


Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; 

Give the world the best you’ve got anyway. 


You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; 

It was never between you and them anyway.  


Mother Theresa

Adapted from Paradoxical Commandments by Kent Keith