Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Feeling Good!

I feel good now and always.
I choose to feel good.
I forgive myself for feeling bad.
I love, honor and trust myself to feel Good.

 Are You Feeling Good?

Feeling Good is Cause not Effect.
Feeling Good is Choice not a symptom.
Feeling Good is Loving myself.
Feeling Good is a Lifetime Gift.

When I say: “How am I feeling?” or “How are you doing today?”
I engage the part of my mind, that searches for the possibility that we may not feeling Good.
The minute I ask myself a question, I have an element of uncertainty and doubt.
When I ask you “Are you feeling good?”, it requires you search to see whether it is true!

We are seeking something to have or be or do here in this physical life.
What we seek for , we will find.
Such is the metaphysical nature of life.
To seek is to find.

When we are single-minded, focused and inner directed, we always find what we seek for.
Most are taught by a world that seeks for what is not good in order to defend against it.
Therefore the mind that seeks to protect finds all the obstacles to safety, peace and feeling good.
When we focus with innocent trust on “Feeling Good”, we keep finding how to feel Good.

Our natural state is to Feel Good.
Our natural state is to be Happy and in Love.
Our natural state is to be energized and healthy.
When we try to figure out how to prevent, avoid and analyze feeling bad, we need to create the problem.

It behooves us to focus on Feeling Good.
Be grateful for feeling Good.
Be happy about feeling Good.
Enjoy feeling good.
Love feeling Good.

When we are consumed with Feeling Good, we trust, respect, appreciate and experience many ways to Feel Good.

I feel Good about Feeling Good!!
Thanks for choosing to Feel Good!
Betty Lue

If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life's purpose ever after.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Good Relationships Require Work!

I never quit on Love.
Love is the Source of my life energy.
Love returns to me Happiness, Health and Fulfillment.
No matter what, I easily and quickly return to Love.

Relationships Come with Directions

The only direction for all relationships is: Remember Love!

Relationships work for us, when we follow directions.
Relationship work, when we do the work required.
Relationships are the only way to heal ourselves.

Notice when relationships are not working.

Return to the only direction: Remember Love!
If you want a relationship that works, it requires work!
The work you need to do is: Remember Love!

Key diagnostic questions for a non-working relationship:

Where is there lack of Love in me?
How can I return to Love?
What is the highest and best way to show my Love?

Seek and find the blocks to the Presence of Love.

Forgive all judgmental thoughts about withholding Love.
Undo the limiting beliefs about lack of love in you.
Relinquish the need to be right and choose to be happy.

Forgive yourself for limiting the flow of Love.

Release the blocks to giving your best.
Give more of what you want to receive.
Trust the unlimited reservoir of Love within You.

Remember to be truly helpful to yourself and others.

Appreciate your open-mindedness and willingness to Remember Love.
Give the Love when and where it will be received with gratitude.
Open the flow where it will go with ease and grace.

Understand that Love is in demand here within all our relationships.

All healing needs come to the surface and can easily be responded to with Love.
When we feel safe and trust our loved ones, lack of Love is exposed for us to fill.
When we recognize lack of Love or the flow of Love, we are called to respond with Love.

The learned reaction to lack of Love is to feel hurt, angered, upset or offended.

All Lack of Love is simply and obviously a call for Love to heal.
When we are conscious, we easily recognize the need for Love.
When we remember Love, we naturally respond with gentleness, patience, kindness and trust.

All lack of Love is a Call for Love.

All fear, hurt, anger, guilt, blame and shame  are a call for Love.
Wherever there is a lack of Love, Trust and Respect, there is a need for a loving Response.
Wherever there is a lack, give what is lacking.

I Love You no matter what!

Betty Lue
Pay Attention to what is needed and respond with Love!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Right or Wrong?

I seek only to do what is right and good.
I know what is right and true in my heart.
I trust my inner guidance in all things.
I follow my conscience to do the right thing for the right reason.

How Do You Tell?

How do you decide what is right or wrong, good or bad for you?
How do you know what will work best or not work at all?
How do you make choices when you think you know?

You can follow books, authorities or experts.
You can write down pros and cons.
You can ask all your friends for their opinions.
But bottom line, listen for the answer that brings you peace.

Listen for peace and calm.
Look for what feels joyful.
Respond to what seems positive.
Trust what brings you peace.

What is Right and Good brings peace to you.
What offers Fear and anxiety is not good for you.
The Goal is Peace.
Seek and find Peace within.

Our inner guide is our conscience.
When we listen within, we hear and know what is right for us.
When we trust ourselves to do the right thing, we feel what is good.
When we honor what is good for us, it is easy to know.

Some have learned always to do what is right.
Some have learned to deceive themselves and others.
Some have been taught to believe little lies are not wrong.
Some have learned to experiment and learn through experience.

You can tell if you are out of integrity with yourself.
Inner conflict, confusion, shame, body or emotional pain are signs of distrust.
When we trust and honor our inner guidance system, we know what is right and good.
When we follow what is right and good, we feel confidence, healthy and happy.

Take the time always to listen within.
Seek always to find inner peace and contentment.
Feel the freedom and happiness that follows.
Give yourself today to loving your authentic Self.

Loving the Real You,
Betty Lue

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Go For It!

I live fully and freely everyday.
I love the life I have created for me to have and do and be.
I make my own choices by listening within and honoring what I know is true for me.
I choose to always go in the direction of more Love and Joy and Peace.

Make Your Own Choices.

Experiment and try something new.
Live your life your way.
Put your whole self in.
Be willing to give it your all.

When you don’t try, you don’t know what it can be.
When you withhold your best, you won’t experience the best.
When you doubt and fear failure, you create what you fear.
When you jump in, you find out what it can be.

Life offers lessons from which we can learn.
When you are open to learn, you never lose.
When you realize your thoughts create, you change you thoughts.
When you understand you are creating the outcome, you learn and choose again.

This life experience is your learning laboratory.
You can create it being difficult, dangerous and ominous.
You can forgive that limiting thought system.
You can then create a fun, safe and easy life experience.

Each one of us is here to learn.
Each one of us can change doubt to trust.
We can release conflict and return to peace.
We all can forgive the past and live in the present.

Life is simpler than we usually make it.
We are given free will to choose what direction to go.
We are offered easy opportunities to erase mistakes.
We have unlimited choices, visions, and dreams we can fulfill.

When we are ready for the responsibility, we stop all blame, regret, judgment and fear.
When we are willing to respond with love and joy, we feel grateful for another new beginning.
When we are able to care for our mind and body impeccable, we listen within to learn.
When we easily undo what is fearful and unkind, we can quickly return to Love.

When upset, stop and look at what you can do differently.
When you are afraid, listen to what you can say to feel more secure.
When you are sad, ask your heart what you can feel grateful for.
When you feel alone, look around to see where and with whom you can connect.

Your inner child needs your loving consciousness.
Your higher power needs you to listen and learn.
Your sight and insight needs you to pay attention.
You need you to love you and be loving to others.

Forgive and let live, really live!  
Choose life and live it well!
Delighting in all of us who choose our own right way.
Betty Lue

Life is forgiving.
You are the gift.
It is in freeing and being the gift you are, that you recognize the gift.
Set yourself free with forgiveness.
Loving you,
Betty Lue