Friday, February 23, 2018


My home is my sanctuary and a place of peace.
I love my home and it loves me.
My home is orderly, clean and harmonious.
I create a home that totally loves and inspires me. (wherever I Am)

Coming Home

Have you noticed that coming home feels good?
Have you experienced being away gives a new perspective?
Have you imagined your own home coming?
Have you noticed how some want to go away and some want  to come home?

When home is a safe and loving space, home is where we want to be.
When home is unsafe, critical and difficult, we want to stay away from home?
Humans naturally want what feels safe and healthy and peaceful.
Both adults and children, male and female, want home to be a happy place.

Is your home happy?
Do you feel safe at home?
Do you wish relationships that are loving and kind?
Do you feel appreciated at home?

Some make their own safe place, at home or work or out in nature.
Some find a happy place in their own imagination.
Some choose to hide in their rooms or in video and books.
Some simply spend as much time as they can away from home.

People and animals seek shelter from the storms in life.
If relationships are stormy, people run for cover and prepare to weather the storm.
If homes are dirty, chaotic, unsafe, people tend to be unhappy and unhealthy.
If our nesting and resting place feels healing, positive and life-affirming, we like to be at home.

Ask yourself how you feel about your home, your room, your relationships, your life.
If you are content and feel peace and inspired, you seek more of the experience.
If you are upset, distressed and depressed, you may want to leave or hide from the experiences.
It is healthy to notice and then choose what you want to do to have home be best for you.

The home we live in affects is physically, mentally and emotionally.
When the home is in disarray, we may not be able to think or work well.
When our relationships are upsetting, critical or unhappy, we may get sick, angry or sad.
When our lives fit with our human needs for safety, security and belonging, we can achieve more easily.

Take a look around you and listen to what you hear.
If your home environment can be better for you, make it so.
If you relationships can be more supportive, make it so.
If you attitude and responses can be safer, make it so.

You can be the difference in your own life.
Choose what supports, inspires and encourages the best you!
I seek only to support, inspire and encourage the Best You!
Betty Lue

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Change Your Mind!

I choose positive life-affirming thoughts.
I choose to be happy and trusting.
I choose harmonious and respectful relationships.
I trust life can be fun, safe and easy when I honor my inner guidance.

Change Your Mind!

To change your mind, change your thinking
To change your energy, change your feelings.
To change your relationships, change your perceptions.
To change your finances, change how you view and use money.

Beliefs engender thoughts and judgments.
Thoughts and judgments cause feelings.
Feelings often are projected with words.
Words usually create supportive behaviors.

And so it is, our lives are a product of what we have been taught to believe.
What we have learned usually sticks, unless we have learned to undo those teachings.
Often our beliefs are reinforced with emotions, relationships, behaviors and experiences.
To change our beliefs requires us to undo much of what we thought was true.

When we want to undo what we have learned from our past, we must be willing and open to change.
When we are willing and open, we will confront subtle hiding places which have reinforced our beliefs.
Learned beliefs are illusive and sometimes without any validating evidence, just held in mind.
FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and so it is with what we often believe: False Evidence!

To change your mind requires clarity consistency and commitment to what is True and Loving.
To change your mind demands that we do the “work” to undo what is not True.
To Do the Work means practicing daily and often hourly to open up new pathways.
Conscientious Forgiveness clears the way and Continuous Affirmations Do the Rest.

The 30 day Affirmation Process below will work, if you do the work daily.
There are many methods available, but the you must actually do the work until you change your mind.
Changing the mind, the thoughts and beliefs, does change our life experiences.
You must be willing to do the work consistently and conscientiously.

Change for some is fearful.
Change for others is energizing.
To be willing to change requires letting go.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy when we believe it to be so.

Begin with simple releasing affirmations.
Letting go is fun, safe and easy.
I love to do the work to change my life.
All change works together for good.
Everything is changing for the better.
My mind now easily releases everything that is not wholly loving And Good for me.

I am willing to change my mind quickly and easily.
I thank you for being willing, too!
Betty Lue

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I know myself because I listen and learn.
I love myself because I listen and care.
I search my own wisdom and beliefs as I listen and write.
I ask myself meaningful questions and receive amazing answers.


Do you ask meaningful questions of yourself?
Do you listen to the answers you would give?
Do you take the time to be with you?
Are you aware of the dynamic wisdom within your essential Self?

Some seek advice from experts.
Some look for answers within books.
Some do research on the internet and library.
Some consult with trusted friends.

Do you take the time to really listen and respond to your own questions?
What if all the answers for you lie within?
What if your learned self doubts and fears have deluded your inner knowing?
What if we all have our own natural wisdom and spiritual guidance within us?

Who are you really?
Where are you in your life?
What do you do?
Where are you going?

Suggestions for you to get acquainted with You:
Develop the “Be still and Know” Habit.
Create a specific time to sit quietly without interruption.
Same place and same time helps to be willing.
First time in the morning or last time at night work best.
Bring a journal or pad of paper and favorite pen/pencil.
Ask you question by writing it at the top of the page.
Breathe and write whatever comes,
Thoughts, images, sounds, anything that shows up write it down.
Let go of thinking about what you write.
No need to be Right, just listen within and write.
With this practice, some may be jibberish and some true wisdom.
No need to try to censor or edit as you write.

Everything has meaning when you want to see and know.
Everything has value for you to discover you, when you care.
Everything is gift, when we are open to be gifted.
Take time to listen and write for you to get to know you.

When you feel complete with answering your own question, stop and give thanks.
When you are at peace, trust and let go.
When you are open and willing, read what you have answered.
With no judgment, safety and trust, you will hear, learn and write more each day.

If you want to be heard, listen to yourself and write it all down!
Loving you,
Betty Lue

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I give thanks everyday for everything.
When I forget to be grateful, I forgive my self.
Everyday in everyway, my life is better and better.
With gratitude, life always improves.


Make gratitude a habit.
Use it liberally.
Watch how your attitude changes.
See the Goodness in life expand.

When we use our mind for Goodness sake, we experience more Goodness.
When we focus our thoughts on appreciation, we have more to appreciate.
When we allow our consciousness to be on what works, everything works better.
When we pay attention and give thanks to what benefits us, life is truly prosperous.

The work is to let go of what is depleting.
The work is to forgive past disappointments.
The work is to erase negative words.
The work is to return to our natural state of gratitude.

Three tools to develop and practice consistently are Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude.
 what interferes with giving thanks.
Choose what you want to appreciate.
Be grateful for the lessons and the learning, the planting and the harvest.

Life is insistent on our learning.
Everything that comes to us is teaching.
What we receive from life is a lesson and a gift.
What we return to life is our choice to receive more awakening.

Meaningful Questions:
What do I appreciate about myself?
What do I really value in my life?
How do I show my appreciation?
How can I have more gratitude daily?
What can I learn from the life I have right now?
What can I have more of what I really want?

Learn to ask meaningful questions of yourself.
Be willing to be quiet and listen within for the answers.
Be sure to write down everything you hear and know within you.
Trust what you hear that is clear and respond with gratitude.
Most important, practice what you feel guided to do and be with love.

Whatever is kind and loving is good.
Whatever is true and beneficial is valuable.
Whatever blesses everyone benefits you.
Give thanks that you are knowing and growing with gratitude.

Give thanks for the lessons in gratitude,
Betty Lue

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wake Up

I am awake, aware and enthusiastic about my life.
I wake up and greet each day with curiosity and wonder.
I am alive and alert for all the good there is in me and around me.
Life works for me, because I do the Work.

Time to Wake Up!

Every upset is a “wake up” call.
Every accident is meant to wake us up.
Unexpected changes are “wake ups”.
We are here to awaken to how life works.

If your life is not working, it is time to wake up.
If you are depending on someone else to fix your life, time to wake up.
If you are blaming others for what goes wrong, it is time to wake up.
If you feel lazy and just want to sleep through life, definitely choose to wake up.

A life done well is a full time job.
Life requires that you show up daily.
Life requires that you pay attention to everything.
Life requires that you tell yourself your own truth.
Life requires that you get clear about what you choose.
Life requires that you certain about what you want.
Life requires that you be consistent within yourself.

You don’t have to be present to have a life, but it helps to have a good life.
You don’t have to pay attention or be clear and certain, but it is required for learning.
You don’t have to be dependable and reliable and responsible, but it is necessary for trust.
You don’t have to have a good life of learning to trust yourself, but is essential for success.

Some want to stay in bed and hide in our dreams
Some want others to wake them up at the last minute.
Some simply depend on others to take care of everything.
Some are too afraid of making mistakes, so play it safe.

Life teaches us when we are awake.
Life rewards us when we are willing.
Life pleases us when we stop to enjoy it.
Life celebrates us when we appreciate our lives.

When we are willing to wake up, the slightest whisper is heard.
When we love to be awake, we seek adventure, challenges and novelty.
When we learn from our whole lives, we learn from everyone and everything.
When we utilize our imagination and action, we can create good no matter what.

Loving us all as we wakeup with a smile,
Betty Lue