Saturday, June 23, 2018

Feelings Communicate!

When afraid, ask for reassurance and comfort.
When angry, ask for forgiveness and peace.
When hurting, ask for help and easing the pain.
When upset for any reason, I forgive my hurtful thoughts and feelings.

Listen to Feelings!

Crying, anger, jealousy, fear, all emotions are forms of communication.
Every emotional expression is communicating
Even without words, emotions are communicating.
Are we listening to ourselves and to one another?

When an infant, child or adult cries, they are communicating their needs.
Is anyone listening?
When I see children cry, they need to be heard.
When I watch parents ignore their children’s feelings, I recognize they are not listening.

The primary reason for not listening and responding is guilt and fear.
People feel guilty and afraid to listen, because we unconsciously know we have caused the pain.
When we recognize we have not been loving, accepting, understanding and helpful, we feel guilty.
When we feel guilt, we usually either withhold our love and withdraw or judge and blame the other.

When someone is acting afraid, they need to be heard and reassured.
When someone is feeling guilty and sad, they need to be heard and forgiven.
When someone is responding with jealousy and resentment, they need to be heard and loved.
When someone is hurting and feeling sorry for themselves, they need to be heard, loved and comforted.
When someone is behaving and speaking with anger, they need to be heard, respected and responded to.

When I don’t know what is being communicated under the feelings, I gently ask.
When I listen to words that don’t make sense, I ask what is really upsetting.
When I hear and see someone behaving insanely, I listen for the real reason.
When anyone is upset, hurting, angry, jealous or afraid, they are not feeling safe and off purpose.

Feelings deserve to be heard.
Feelings deserve to be listened to with respect.
Feelings deserve to be interpreted to source the underlying need.
Feelings deserve to be responded to with love, trust and acceptance.

Emotional expression may be exaggerated to get attention.
Emotional behavior may be extreme because of prior buildup of negativity.
Emotional words can be inflammatory to get reactive behavior and distraction.
Emotional interaction can totally detour potential positive healing communication.

Take the time to listen deeply.
Have the kindness to calm the situation.
Pause before reacting with intolerance.
Give your best response with the intention to be helpful.

With emotional needs, the person simply needs our kind, respectful and loving attention.
Let us always give our very best to ourselves and to one another.
We are here to truly helpful to everyone, of all ages and expressions.
Love works, so let it prevail in all situations.
Betty Lue

Friday, June 22, 2018

Love Is Freeing!

Love is Freedom.
I free you to be you.
Love is Trust.
I trust you to freely be who you are.

Love Is Freeing!

When love is special, we get attached.
When love is freeing, everyone learns.
Love is trusting, not suspicious or restrictive.
Love is open, not closed and limiting.

With human attachment, we often decide only to love when our needs are met.
With human neediness, we choose to love those who take care of us.
With human dependence, we stop loving when we feel hurt or afraid.
When human commitment, we quit on love when others stop loving us.

True Love is our natural state.
When we love, we feel alive and free.
When we are flowing the love within us, we are whole and happy.
When we block or stop or withhold love, we feel unhappy and sick.

Love without attachment is freely shared with all.
Love with trust in ourselves is given naturally and openly.
Love is not sexual or promising to live together forever.
Love is allowing positive energy to flow between us.

I am loving you right now.
My love for you does not end, even if you are not my friend.
My love for you comes from deep inside where only goodness resides.
I love you because Love has no beginning and no end.

Love does not need reasons to love.
Love is the life force, “God Force” that lives within me.
Love is the joy of my being and the desire of my heart.
Love is my reason for being and my gift to be given.

I love you because you are here with me.
I love me because I am here with you.
Together our love can make our dreams come true.
Let us free one another to always and only choose love.

Loving you and me to always be as free and happy as we are created to be!
Betty Lue

Thursday, June 21, 2018


I give the best I have and all is given unto me.
I learn from what I receive how to give better.
I am the real gift as I give the Love I am.
Life is for giving and I Am the Gift!

Tis a Gift to be Given.
Tis a Gift to be Giving.
Tis a Gift to be Receiving.
Tis a Gift to simply Be!

Everything is Gift!

When we come from Gratitude, everything is Gift!
Whether giving or receiving, everything is a gift.
Whether we judge good or bad, everything can be useful.
Whether right or wrong, all we give and receive can be helpful.

We learn to judge to discern and discriminate.
We value judging as a way to tell what is good for us.
We throw away what we can no longer use.
We hang on and save what we judge to be useful and helpful.

As we exercise our own discernment, we strengthen our beliefs.
As we use our judging mind, we see what we treasure and what we discard.
We are learning with all the gifts of life to be at choice.
We are deciding what we want to be and have and do.

Yes, every relationship provides information and education.
Every encounter offers opportunities to stay and speak or not.
Every word we offer can be used as lessons to be learned.
Every interaction is a way of projecting or defending.

We each and all are giving and receiving.
In silence or with words we have gifts we can receive.
With kindness or unkindness we learn how and what we receive.
There are many facets of learning with everything given and received.

Some throw away what is unwanted and unkind.
Some learn from what they receive what is good for them.
Some learn how to transform unkindness into healing.
Some earn an opportunity to give themselves the experience.

Many make up their mind about good and bad gifts.
Some are curious and want to look inside and learn more.
Some immediately defend, reject and avoid what seems noxious.
A few are curious about what is being asked to be given in return.

It is a gift to keep it simple.
It is a gift to give only what we want to receive.
It is a gift to learn from both giving and receiving.
It is a gift to give consciously.

Thanks for giving always and only the best you have.
Thanks for remembering to always love you first.
Thanks for returning to the sender what is helpful and good for them.
Loving you and me in giving and receiving,
Betty Lue

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Here I AM

I am here ever loving you.
I am here free to be and see All I Am.
I am living naturally by being in the Now.
I am giving openly as I am remembering how.

Here I Am.

Where are You?
What are you doing?
Are Your dreams coming true?
How are we living in this world together?

If you were happy everyday, would you share your happiness with others?
If you were in love with your life, would you gladly give your love to all?
If you could see the beauty in reality, would you dance with one and all?
If you could trust and be free, would you live your life in integrity?

We are free, you and me.
We are here to fully be, and enjoy what we have.
We are gifts of Goodness, mercy and loving kindness.
Each one of us can share the Blessings we have.

The restrictions, rules and limitations we have placed upon ourselves.
We can take this time to create and enjoy or complain and victimize ourselves.
We can set ourselves free by recognizing who and where and how we want to be.
Begin right now to ask yourself and write down what you hear.

We have found our right place when we delight in being right here and right now.
When there are moments of frustration at what was or anticipation at what will be, we are not here.
When we long for something better, we can choose again for what already is.
When we wish it had not been, we waste our energies of regret and sorrow for what no longer exists.

Time is an illusion of our creative minds.
Time offers us choices within which to choose what we seek to find.
Time comes and goes as a silent friend making sure we see the beginning and the end.
When there is no time, we see we are always in the same place, right here and now.

Make this moment what you seek to have and be.
Make this time the way you see yourself as happy and as free.
Make this now a time of good and gratitude for what is.
Make this breath a quiet place to love and live as friends.

We are here to find this place of peace
We have come to live in love.
We have joined with all as one.
We are here to see how far we all have come.

Wakeup and see this is where you started.
Awake we know we have always been just as we are now.
With no sleep still in our eyes and brain, we can feel our true heart.
Alas with the sun lighting our way, we realize we have never been apart.

The story and song goes on and on, but always is the same.
We came to join in Love as One, and return to One again.

I am loving you no matter what we claim.
Betty Lue

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What Is Just Right?

I want to feel happy and at peace with myself.
I choose to satisfy my real needs and wants.
I am grateful I give myself exactly what is right and best for me.
I love myself for living with moderation in all things.

Too Much for You?

Have you every found yourself uncomfortable with not knowing what is “right” for you
Does it seem like “When it rains, it pours”?
Are you caught wanting more but not know if it will be too much?
Moderation is the ‘Goldilocks’ solution.

In all things consider moderation.
There is no need to binge on anything.
Trying to always get more is a sign we feel unsatisfied.
When what we are receiving never seems enough, we probably are not receiving what is of value.

What we value satisfies us.
What is healthy will fulfill us in small doses.
What we keep wanting more, it is always the “wrong” solution.
We need to choose what is simply right and true and healthy for us.

The absence of self love shows up with addictions and excessive cravings.
Excess shopping, eating, gambling, drinking, TV, etc comes from being addicted.
What we really need is deeper than all the habits we may choose.
What we give to ourselves in excess is our desire to feed a deeper need.

Take time to ask, “What does this do for me?”
Give yourself credit for wanting to understand feeling “It is not enough.”
When we have too little, we want more.
When we have too much, we want less.

Too much time on your phone talking and texting?
Too much time shopping and feeling guilty about the debt?
Too much alcohol, pills, smoking and other numbing agents?
Too much gossip, judgment and negative stories?

Anything can become too much.
When you find yourself sick of over doing, stop and ask “What do I really need?”
You may have learned to seek short term gratification.
You may want to just stop the introspection before it hurts.

When you are obsessed with one problem, need or situation, begin to write.
Write what you want, without censoring your answers.  “I want …….”
Make sure you write and think, “I want……
Most people never allow themselves to want what they really want.

How do you want to feel?
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to have?
What do you want to give?

Your real wants will lead you to where you have denied yourself.
Your underlying wants will tell you what you think is missing.
You secret wants will show you where you need to go, do and have next.
Begin to vision and believe, trust and plan what you want for yourself.

I totally appreciate you for listening to and honoring the REAL YOU!
Betty Lue