Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What Now?

I embrace the unknown and enjoy the mystery of life.
I trust the changes that occur naturally.
All things works together for Good.
Everything I experience, I have asked for and receive as I have asked.

Let all things be new again.

Change Is Happening!

Change is a natural occurrence.
We all either dread or embrace change.
When we can choose the change, we like it.
When change is unexpected, we may not like it.

Weather changes.
Personalities change.
Bodies change.
Finances change.
Organizations change.
Energies change.
Values change.
Beliefs change.
Dreams change.
Relationships change

We are here to allow and expect change to be.
When we flow with what is, life works well.
When we resist what seems to be, life may be difficult.
Time to change the mind and let it be, let change be.

Most fights and even wars are due to resistance.
Most pain and upset seems to be fighting again changes.
Most worry and concern shows up with something changing.
Most judgment and criticism comes from disagreements with change.

What might happen if we allowed change to be!
How free might we be if we allowed our own natural changes.
What feelings would emerge if we simply let go and trust.
How much fun could we have by letting everyone be.

Lessons are learned when we don’t interfere.
People wakeup when invited to change.
Communication is encouraged with change.
There is renewal and creation in change.

We are invited to make all things new with change.
We have the opportunity to free ourselves with change.
We are blessed with unlimited possibilities with change.
We can be renewed in mind, body and Spirit with change.

Embrace the unknown.
Live life with freedom and trust.
Know you are unlimited.
Appreciate the blessings that come.

Love is the answer.
Betty Lue 

Monday, March 19, 2018


I change what is not working for what is better for all.
I let go of attachment and release myself to love everyone.
I trust my brothers who are one with me.
I apologize and forgive myself for ignorance, stuckness and separation.

Family of Humanity

Everyone is a part of our human family.
We can choose who we include.
We can choose who we trust.
We can choose how we relate.

I prefer to include everyone.
I choose to help those within my awareness.
I create a lifestyle where I am available.
I choose an environment that is healing.

I trust those who come together are meant to be together.
We come together for healing and learning, for creating and enjoying.
We are here to support and encourage one another.
We are all seeking safety, security, belonging and achievement.

I know that everyone is doing the best they know.
Everyone is creating with their thoughts and words, emotions and behavior.
Each person perceives what they have learned through their life experience.
All function from a fear base or a love base or through both intermittently.

We live in family and community, partnership and relationship or solitary and self-contained lives.
We choose our beliefs and opinions, ideas and dreams, activities and accomplishments.
We decide as we journey who, what, where and how we continue with what is to be.
Each decides based on our own priorities, influences, associations and emotions.

When we learn dysfunctional patterns of secrecy and withholding, we live these patterns.
When we forgive patterns and behaviors that do not work, we choose again for what serves all.
When we cease conforming to the environment from which we have come, we are free to change.
When we create our own healthy choices, we find new systems and functional family habits.

Life often throws upsets or interference into what seems to work to wake us up .
The family of humanity at home and work, in community and country, calls us to seek better ways.
How we live and love, listen and speak, learn and teach is our individual choice.
We choose our role models and examples of right action and functional systems to learn what works.

Let us look and listen, imagine and feel what works best for us.
Let us ask and learn, appreciate and teach what works best for all.
Let us step away with grace and bless needed changes with respect.
Let us trust what will be to be good for the Greater Whole, always including everyone.

And so it is, I am loving me and you and all of us together,
Betty Lue

Sunday, March 18, 2018


I prefer one-on-one conversations with no interruptions.
I choose face-to-face sharing with one speaking at a time.
I love to listen and be still enough to really hear what is being shared.
A quiet mind allows me to truly hear another on all levels.

Is Anyone Listening?

When you want to know why someone is unhappy, listen.
When you want to understand your partner, listen.
When you want to know your children better, listen.
When you want to be a good friend, listen.

And most important, listen to yourself.
Write down your thoughts and feelings.
Respect and value what you think and feel.
Respond with love and kindness to yourself.

When you listen and respect what you think, feel and say, you will listen to others with respect.
When you love yourself well, you will love others well.
When you trust your differences, you will trust others.
This is the way you learn to listen to others with compassion.

What you give to yourself is your training for what you can choose to do for others.
When you give to others well wit listening and respect, they will learn to listen to you.
When you do for yourself and others is your teaching for others as well.
What goes around comes around is true.

Do for others what you want others to do for you.
Do for others what you want others to do for themselves.
Do for others what you want others to do for others.
It is important to remember you are the role model and the example.

Listening is the key to learning.
Listening means not talking in your head.
Listening means allow the other to finish what they are saying.
Listening means encouraging even more sharing.

We have noise from constant talking.
We have noise from music and TV.
We have noise from the business in life.
We have inner noise from our incessant need to have noise.

There is distraction from outside noise.
There is distortion of what is heard from outside.
There is detoured focus with noise.
There is difficulty in really hearing what is being shared.

When you want to really listen, create a quiet and undisturbed environment.
When you really want to hear another, let them know with eye contact silencing your phone.
When you want to be with someone, let them know this is their time for communication.
When you want to be present, clear you schedule and your mind.

Children especially need quiet time to share their ideas and feelings.
Parents and teachers need to learn not to interrupt or disagree.
Men usually need a confidential and safe nonjudgmental place to share.
Women can learn to be quiet and not judge, criticize, suggest or disagree.

Love to Listen,
Betty Lue

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Easy to Love Kids!

I show children what I want by how I treat everyone.
I tell children what I value by how I live my life.
I respect children thoughtfully by how I speak to them.
I value what children teach me because they are so obvious about what works.

So Easy To Love!

Kids Are So Easy ……
When they are listened to.
When they are respected.
When they are given choices.
When they are busy.

Kids are helpful….
When they feel safe.
When they are not pushed.
When they get enough sleep.
When they have fun.

Kids are happy….
When they are appreciated.
When they know the rules.
When they have dreams and goals.
When they know the plans and schedules.

Kids are satisfied….
When they are independent.
When life is consistent.
When there is peace.
When they experience no anger.

Kids are respectful…
When they have no fear.
When they feel loved.
When they feel respected.
When they know their parents and teachers are content.

Kids are responsible……
When adults teach them by example.
When they know what they can count on.
When they are healthy.
When focused and undistracted.

Kids are successful…….
When they are inspired.
When appreciated.
When people care.
When they like what they are doing.

Listen carefully to children.
They will teach us what works.
Watch children attentively.
They will show us what create happiness.

Betty Lue

Friday, March 16, 2018

To Do or Not to Do?

I am happy doing good for myself and others.
My life is full of good ideas and accomplishment for the Good of all.
I enjoy being a happy doer.
There is no time for trouble, drama or struggle when doing Good.

What Are You Doing?

Those who Do nothing usually accomplish nothing.
Those who Do nothing often do not have a lot to do.
Those who Do nothing often don’t care very much.
Those who Do nothing usually don’t want to do anything.

When you are happily engaged in what you Do, you feel successful.
When you Do what you like to do,  you feel happy.
When you are doing what is purposeful, you feel fulfilled.
When you are doing what has heart and meaning, you feel content.

Some are afraid to Do, because they fear being criticized.
Some avoid doing, because they don’t want to fail.
Some don’t do because they don’t know what to do.
Some don’t like to do, because they can get others to do for them.

Children like to Do things.
Children want to be capable.
Children try to Do to learn.
Children enjoy Doing.

Children copy adults.
When their parents and teachers are happy doing, they want to do things too.
When adults are successful and fulfilled with their achievements, children are inspired to do things too.
When people fill their lives with helpful, meaningful, creative doing, they are satisfied and successful.

Laziness comes from fear.
Procrastination comes from doubt.
Resistance comes from oppositional defiance.
Dependence on others is an excuse to get things done with no risk.
(Yes, there are other causes, explanations and reasons!)

Get busy accomplishing, creating and achieving to experience confidence, fulfillment and success.
Being bored, dependent, and emptiness may lead to depression, self-harm and rebellion.
Too much time with nothing to do may lead to getting in trouble to create drama and negative attention.
Idle time with an idle mind and idle chatter often leads to no good thoughts, words and behavior.

Is it time to focus on what you can Do?
What can you do?
What is best for you do?
What can you begin today to create a Fun, safe and easy life for you?

Loving you,
Betty Lue